Bookseller Resources

Bookseller Resources



On this page you'll find information and materials for all the books First Second has published. Click on the covers below and you'll get a page full of information on each title, to use for publicity and promotional purposes—in newspapers, newsletters, signs, shelf-talkers, websites, etc.

We give you permission to use the graphics on this site, but please print the following line with them: 'art © (the creator), used with permission of First Second Books'.

If you do use our art, we'd love to see what you do with it!

We also have some other useful book-seller-y things that you may be able to use in your stores:

Are you a bookseller interested in starting or improving a graphic novel section?

First Second has a downloadable guide for you, in pdf format.

Interested in hosting an interactive comics activity in your store?  We have fun activity kit for use with kids ages seven and up that's based on Adventures in Cartooning.

If you're interested vampiric events, you can download a vampire-centric bookseller kit by clicking on the teeth above. 

We put out some great comics for kids, includingSardine in Outer SpaceTiny TyrantRobot DreamsLittle Vampire, and Kaput and Zosky. Here's a coloring and activity kit for you to use at your stores. 

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Even more cartooning adventures, from the Adventures in Cartooning Activity Book right to your store.

Want to put on an event for Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19th?  This kit gives you everything you'll need!

For mysteries and spies, take a look at this Spy Activity Kit! 

 For magic and adventure, try out the Foiled board game!

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Adventures in Cartooning

Adventures in Cartooning
Activity Book 
Adventures in Cartooning 
Christmas Special

Alan's War


The Amazing Remarkable 
Monsieur Leotard 

American Born Chinese


Anya's Ghost 

Astronaut Academy


Baby's in Black

 The Black Diamond 
Detective Agency 

Bake Sale

Ball Peen Hammer

Bloody Chester


Bourbon Island 1730 

Brain Camp


Cat Burglar Black

City of Spies

The Color of Earth

The Color of Water

The Color of Heaven

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Dawn Land



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Drawing Words 
and Writing Pictures
The Eternal Smile
The Fate of the Artist
Friends With Boys
Garage Band
Giants Beware!
Giants Beware!
Gus & His Gang
Journey Into Mohawk Country
Kampung Boy
Kaput and Zosky
Koko Be Good
 Legends of Zita the Spacegirl 

Level Up 

Lewis & Clark 

 Life Sucks 
 Little Vampire  
 The Lost Colony 1 
 The Lost Colony 1 
 The Lost Colony 3
 Mastering Comics 
Missouri Boy   
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 The Moon Moth
 Notes for a War Story 
 Nursery Rhyme Comics  
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 The Photographer 
 Prime Baby  
 Prime Baby  
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 The Professor's Daughter
 Refresh, Refresh  
 Robot Dreams
 Sailor Twain 
 Same Difference 
 Sardine in Outer Space 1
 Sardine in Outer Space 2   
 Sardine in Outer Space 3  
 Sardine in Outer Space 4  
 Sardine in Outer Space 5  
 Sardine in Outer Space 6  
 The Silence of Our Friends
 Slow Storm
Solomon's Thieves
 Three Shadows 
 Tiny Tyrant  
 Tiny Tyrant v. 1
Tiny Tyrant v. 2
Town Boy
Tune: Vanishing Point
The Unsinkable Walker Bean
Vampire Loves
The Zabime Sisters
Zahra's Paradise
Zita the Spacegirl