"A turn-of-the-century pulp thriller." --Kirkus

"What war looks like." -- The New York Times

"A timely, in-depth examination of the format." -- Publisher's Weekly

"Playful and wise." --Booklist

"Wildly enthusiastic." --Publisher's Weekly 

"Not for gentle readers." --Booklist 

"[A] witty, sophisticated, candy-colored adventure." --Booklist 

"Insightful satire." --Booklist

"A visual poem." --Publisher's Weekly 

"A light comedy." -- Publisher's Weekly 

"[A] gorgeously illustrated fable." --Kirkus

"Unfolds beautifully in words and pictures." --Booklist 

"Effortlessly charming." --Kirkus 

"A fascinating side of wartime." -- Booklist 

"Freewheeling [and] delightful." -- Booklist

"Swashbuckling." -- Kirkus

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"Hilarious." -- Library Journal 

"Masterful political fantasy." --Booklist 

"A fine saga." -- Kirkus 

"Wonderful." -- VOYA

"Stellar." -- Booklist 

"Thought-provoking." -- Kirkus

"Vibrant." -- Booklist 

"Engaging." -- Booklist

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"Dawn Land is very good." -- ICv2

"Amusing." -- Publisher's Weekly

 "If that's the world's smartest man, god help us." -- Feynman's mother

"Cracking good." -- Publisher's Weekly

 "Fantastic." -- The Colbert Report 

 "Gorgeous." -- BoingBoing

 "Powerful." -- Booklist 

 "Brilliant." -- BoingBoing 

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 "Marvelous." -- Paste

 "A well-paced horror western." -- Game Informer 

 "Powerful." -- Unshelved 

 "Remarkable." -- Booklist 

 "Extraordinary." --BoingBoing

 "Fantastic." -- USA Today

"A rich resource." -- The Onion

The Cute Girl Network

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Tune: Still Life 


Red Handed




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"Outrageously imaginative." --Kirkus

 "Accept who you are." --Publisher's Weekly

"Adolescence through music." --Publisher's Weekly

 "A hard, human meditation on war and a society on the fringes of anomie." --Kirkus

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 "A really fun read." --Booklist 

 "Heartbreaking power." --Publisher's Weekly

"Memorable and honest." --Publisher's Weekly 

 "Disturbing and intense." --Kirkus Reviews

"Exquisite." -- Booklist

"Romantic." -- School Library Journal 

 "Achingly beautiful." -- Kirkus 

 "Bright and expressive." --Publisher's Weekly

"Masterful." -- Kirkus

 "A masterpiece." -- Neil Gaiman 

 New York Times Notable Children's Book

 "Terrific." -- New York Times Arts Beat 

 "Apathea's saga delights." --Kirkus 

 "Engrossing." -- Broken Frontier 

 "Mythic." -- Kirkus

 Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

 Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong





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"An important historical journal." --Publisher's Weekly

 "A sweetly naturalistic memoir." --Kirkus

"Warmth and fondness portrayed in every stroke." --VOYA 

 "A luminous masterpiece filled with pathos and poignancy." --Kirkus

 "Excellent." -- Booklist 

 "Rip-roaring fun." -- Publisher's Weekly

"Big on girl-power." -- The New York Times 

 "Swashbuckling." -- Publisher's Weekly 

 "Compelling." -- The Horn Book

 "Out of this world." -- Kirkus

"Brilliant." -- The Virginian-Pilot  

 "Sharp." -- Booklist 

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 "Remarkable." -- The Horn Book

 "Enchanting." -- SLJ 

 Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry

 Battling Boy 

 Curses! Foiled Again


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 "Fast-paced, quick-witted, and lots of fun." --Booklist 

 "These stories do not shy away from serious topics." --Publisher's Weekly

"Unmistakably joyful." --Kirkus

 "Resistance is futile" --Kirkus 

 "Heroic pirates . . . " --Kirkus

 "An expert mix of action, gross humor, and clever side remarks." --Kirkus

 "Bizarre, memorable characters and a delightfully surreal story." --Booklist 

 "Wonderfully wacky." -- Booklist 

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 "Sweetly silly adventures." -- Booklist 

"A real treat for classic-cartoon fans of many ages." --Booklist 

 "Outrageous and humorous." --BCCB 

"Calvin and Hobbes fans will be particularly delighted." -- Kirkus

 "A surefire hit." -- School Library Journal 

 "Kids interested in the form will not be able to resist." --Booklist 

 "Striking." -- Booklist 

"Exceptional." -- School Library Journal 

The First Second Collection

all of our books that we've published ever

  A YALSA Great Graphic Novel

 "Outstanding." -- Kirkus

 "A surefire hit." -- PW

 "Yum." -- Midwest Book Review

 "Beautiful." -- Publisher's Weekly

 "Clever." -- Kirkus

  A New York Times Best-Seller

  Odd Duck

  Adventures in Cartooning: Characters in Action

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