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Some People From First Second Books

 (These are actually ALL of the people from :01. Luckily, there are very talented writers, artists, and freelancers to get our backs!)

"The Color Farm"

Hilary runs her color farm "Sky Blue Ink" out of Tennessee, but her assistants aren't only from her neighborhood; they live as far as England and New Zealand. She's taught and researched color theory and color therapy, and you'll be seeing lots more of her magic in coming seasons. Her style and palette change with each new artist's line work. With the majority of First Second books, color is as essential as a movie's soundtrack.


"Translation Guru"

From the first second, First Second was highly international. That's meant fostering a talent pool from all around the world, and putting every possible care into our translations. Our translator Alexis works at the U.N. as a translator, and many of you have read his work on First Second projects, from Vampire Loves to The Photographer. Several reviewers have already praised his passionate and meticulous translations, but the best success here is his invisibility. Many of our foreign projects are finding considerable audiences in the U.S. thanks in part to his work behind the scenes to ensure the reading experience doesn't feel clunky to an English speaking reader, while conveying the voice and spirit of the original.

With Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda, First Second was presenting a major work about that genocide, but also opening up our line of political/historical graphic novels, with many more forthcoming. For many of these projects, Alexis Siegel also contributes an introduction or an after-word, to put the work in context for American readers.