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First Shape Book

First Shape Book

Patti Barber; Ann Montague-Smith




This delightful early learning book is the perfect way to introduce young children to basic concepts of shape, size, and appearance. The colorful images, clear captions, and probing questions will encourage children to develop early learning skills. Packed with fun and colorful games and puzzles, the First Shape Book is guaranteed to become a firm favorite on every bookshelf, encouraging children to take an active interest in their surroundings. By becoming familiar with circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles, a child will develop the skills used in writing and early math. By finding these shapes in different contexts, a child will develop the skills used in reading and writing. By identifying differences in size and between two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects, a child will develop further skills used in math. Includes introductory tips for parents and a colorful, pull-out first shapes poster. The perfect companion to the First Word Book and First Number Book.


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About the author

Patti Barber; Ann Montague-Smith

Patti Barber has been a primary school teacher, and a deputy head teacher. A lecturer at The University of London's Institute of Education, she is responsible for elementary mathematics curriculum development. Her publications include Nursery Mathematics and Foundation Mathematics.

Ann Montague-Smith is a professor of early education at University College, Worcester, in the U.K. She was a primary school teacher before becoming an early education specialist in mathematics.

Patti Barber

Ann Montague-Smith

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