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Michael Cadnum

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When two teenage brothers bungle a bank robbery, their attempt to hide the evidence is witnessed—aurally—by Terrence, a legally blind neighbor. Terrence tells his girlfriend, Nina, and her brother, who then disappears with a handgun. Nina is afraid of what he might do to the brothers. But she also has every reason to fear what the brothers will do to Terrence.

Flash ingeniously interweaves the stories of two who are hellbent on a destructive path, two who stand in their way, and one whose actions may be the spark to set the whole thing off.

American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults, ALA Best Books for Young Adults


"When will you show them the gun?" asked Milton. He and his brother were sitting in lawn chairs in back of the house.
The morning clouds were burning off, and the sunlight was bright beyond the shadow of the house. San Francisco Bay Area...


Praise for Flash

“The fear instilled in the witnesses by the brothers is clever and nail-bitingly thrilling; the personal stories are real and compelling; the characters are three-dimensional and beautifully drawn; and the situation will have readers asking, ‘What would I do?' over and over again. Teens will love this first-rate novel.” —Starred, School Library Journal

“Rich with literary devices including doubling, irony, and metaphor, this is a book that reminds us why Cadnum warrants comparisons with Robert Cormier.” —The Horn Book

“Superb writing, with many a fetching turn of phrase and meticulous care given to plotting and characterization, makes this an outstanding commentary on our times…and the unpredictable resolution that brings the cast to the end leaves room for reflection on motivation and character in hard times.” —Starred, Kirkus Reviews

“Offering cool insight into the criminal mind-set, this is a perfect choice to challenge reluctant readers.” —Booklist

“Cadnum touches on the effects of war on young men through his portrayal of Carraway and his former friend Sergeant Palmer.” —Voice of Youth Advocates

About the author

Michael Cadnum

MICHAEL CADNUM lives in Albany, California, where this novel takes place. He is the author of many acclaimed titles, including Peril on the Sea, and The Book of the Lion, a National Book Award finalist.

Michael Cadnum

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