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Flight of the Fire Thief

Flight of the Fire Thief

Fire Thief

Terry Deary




Prometheus is again on the run, and he flees in and out of time before landing in gritty, ramshackle 1795 Eden City. Enter our narrator: Nell, a young girl and aspiring novelist—she and her crafty pa travel the city with their stage show, trying to get their audiences to open up their pockets and purses. As always, Prometheus has a soft spot for humans in need, but using his powers to get his new friends out of trouble will betray his hiding place to the gods! Terry Deary masterfully interweaves two plots, with the action jumping at a whirlwind pace from Mount Olympus to the back alleys of dingy Tudor City.


Chapter One
Greece-around 4,000 years ago
I wasn't there myself, but I met someone who knows exactly what went on in
those days. You will have to trust me when I tell you that every word of this
story is true . . . probably. All right,...


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Terry Deary

Terry Deary is the author of over 160 books. He writes both fiction and nonfiction to much acclaim and has a hand in the television, theater, and radio worlds as well. His Horrible History series has sold twenty million copies worldwide, and his books have been translated into twenty-eight languages. Deary has won numerous awards, including Blue Peter's Best Nonfiction Author of the Century in the United Kingdom. He was named a Doctor of Education by Sunderland University. For more information please visit

Terry Deary

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