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Flowering Judas

Flowering Judas

A Gregor Demarkian Novel

Gregor Demarkian Novels (Volume 26)

Jane Haddam

Minotaur Books




"Haddam manages to produce each time a layered, richly peopled, and dryly witty book with a plot of mind-bending complexity." —Houston Chronicle on Glass Houses

Twelve years ago, Chester Morton disappeared from his hometown in Mattuck, New York, leaving no trace and never to be heard from again. For the past twelve years, his mother has kept the search for her son alive—paying for a billboard overlooking the local community college, putting up new flyers every week, hounding every law enforcement agency she can get to listen. Her determination has made his disappearance very high profile but it's also been damaging to her family, her children and to herself.

Now, Chester's body is finally found—hanging from the very billboard that has been advertising his disappearance. Chester's corpse, however, is recent—meaning that Chester had been alive, somewhere, until very recently. Under pressure and with limited resources, the local police turn to Gregor Demarkian—a former FBI agent and a frequent consultant on such cases—to try and unravel the truth buried within this very complex and tragic case and find out once and for all what really happened all those years ago.



If anybody had asked Gregor Demarkian if it mattered to him to feel he had someplace settled to live, he would probably have said no. Why should it matter to him? Being homeless would not be good, but he'd never been the...


Praise for Flowering Judas

“The re-creation of the fishbowl that is smalltown life is pitch-perfect and shaded by a chilling glimpse of human darkness.” —Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Outstanding...Haddam has few peers at misdirection, and she celverly satirizes the reality show industry while continuing to add depth to her lead.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Wanting Sheila Dead

“Haddam's series characters are engaging as always, including Demarkian's quirkly Armenian neighborhood, which has enough character to count as one.” —Charlotte News Observer on Wanting Sheila Dead

“Her take on reality TV, its egos and backstage battles, is fresh and entertaining, and (as usual) the mystery is sharply plotted. Eventually Haddam may have to deal with the fact that Demarkian's age will prevent him from continuing to solve crimes, but let's hope that's not for a while yet.” —Booklist on Wanting Sheila Dead

“Haddam gleefully satirizes reality TV and offers a well though out appreciation of Agatha Christie's novels, which she lets Demarkian savor for the first time.” —Kirkus Reviews on Wanting Sheila Dead

“Haddam offers her typically razor-sharp mystery concerning a highly contentious issue, but also does so without taking sides, treating all of her characters, from devout Christians to agnostics (and all points in between), with respect and understanding. Haddam is a fine writer, exhibiting skills rarely glimpsed in the mystery genre.” —Booklist (starred review) on Living Witness

“Haddam's excellent novel takes a nuanced look at the debate over teaching evolution in public schools… Haddam makes characters on both sides of the issue sympathetic, explores the inner life of her detective hero--and offers an ingenious fair-play puzzle.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Living Witness

“A stellar whodunit.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Cheating at Solitaire

Cheating at Solitaire has a sharply satirical edge as it takes on the cult of celebrity.” —Boston Globe on Cheating at Solitaire

“Haddam is at her best.” —Library Journal (starred review) on Cheating at Solitaire

“[This] series keeps getting better, each novel just a little more dramatic, more thought provoking, and more entertaining than the last...It's about time she gets the A-list status she so richly deserves.” —Booklist (starred review) on Cheating at Solitaire

“Ought to establish Haddam as America's P.D. James once and for all.” —Baltimore Sun on Cheating at Solitaire

“Haddam is clearly having a good time.” —Charlotte Observer on Cheating at Solitaire

“More compelling than most mysteries, Cheating at Solitaire manages a good sense of humor and tight, sharp writing. Haddam lets us ponder celebrity and its meaning, the powerful symbiosis between stars and the public, and our own complicity in the frenzy.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer on Cheating at Solitaire

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Jane Haddam

JANE HADDAM, author of more than twenty novels, has been a finalist for both the Edgar® and the Anthony Award. She lives in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

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