Centaur Rising

Jane Yolen

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

One night during the Perseid meteor shower, Arianne thinks she sees a shooting star land in the fields surrounding her family’s horse farm. About a year later, one of their horses gives birth to a baby centaur. The family has enough attention already as Arianne’s six-year-old brother was born with birth defects caused by an experimental drug—the last thing they need is more scrutiny. But their clients soon start growing suspicious. Just how long is it possible to keep a secret? And what will happen if the world finds out?


At a time when so many novels are set in other worlds, Jane Yolen imagines what it would be like if a creature from another world came to ours in this thoughtfully written, imaginative novel, Centaur Rising.


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Agora’s Surprise


A MARE IS PREGNANT between 320 and 370 days, about a full year. Ponies give birth a bit earlier, more like eleven months. Mom taught me about that when we first came to the farm as renters, long before we bought out the old owner with the money she got from the divorce. When we moved here to Massachusetts, I was three, Mom and Dad were married, and Robbie wasn’t even a blip on the horizon, as Mom likes to say.

Mom grew up in Connecticut with horses and knows everything about them, even though her old farm, Long Riders, is long go



Praise for Centaur Rising

Praise for Centaur Rising:


"Fantasy master Yolen here offers a tale of a half-foal, half-boy." - Kirkus Reviews


"A gentle fantasy for tweens." - School Library Journal


*"At a time when the publishing world could use something uplifting, Yolen is there with shooting stars, a child's hug, and a nuzzle of a horse's nose . . . Destined to become not only a popular book but one that stands the test of time." - Booklist, STARRED REVIEW


Praise for Foiled:


“Yolen . . . incorporates the best weapon in her arsenal—fantasy. In Aliera she has created a strong, conflicted, and relatable girl hero.” —Booklist


“An enchanting tale. For fantasy lovers, this is an absolute must-read.” —Kirkus Reviews


“Yolen weaves her knowledge of fencing vividly throughout the plot, powerfully creating romance, mystery, adventure, fantasy, and drama, all rolled into a strong narrative.” —Publishers Weekly

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  • Jane Yolen is an author of children’s books, fantasy, and science fiction, including Owl Moon, The Devil’s Arithmetic, and How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? She is also a poet, a teacher of writing and literature, and a reviewer of children’s literature. She has been called “the Hans Christian Andersen of America” (by Newsweek) and “the Aesop of the 20th century” (by the New York Times). Her books and stories have won the Caldecott Medal, two Nebula Awards, two Christopher Medals, the World Fantasy Award, three Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards, the Golden Kite Award, the Jewish Book Award, the World Fantasy Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Association of Jewish Libraries Award, among many others.

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Centaur Rising

Jane Yolen



Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)