Book Excerpt

Short Eyes

A Play

Miguel Piñero; Introduction by Marvin Felix Camillo

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Short Eyes
ACT ONEDayroom in the House of Detention. Upstage right is entrance gate. Upstage left is gate leading to shower room and slop sink. Upstage center is a toilet and drinking fountain. Above is a catwalk. Stage left is a table and chairs. Downstage right is a garbage can. Upstage right is a TV set on a stand. Early-morning lock-in after the morning meal. 
Early-morning light. 
INMATES' VOICES can be heard: various ad-libs, calling out to each other, asking questions, exchanging prison gossip, etc. 
All right, listen up ... I said listen up.(Whistle)When I call your names, give me your cell location.(Catcalls)Off the fucking noise. Now if I have to call out your name more than once, pray--cause your soul may belong to God, but your ass is mine.(More catcalls. House lights go out) Williams, D. 
MORRISONLockout for criminal court ...(Whistle)"A" side dayroom. All right, already! ... knock it off.Supreme Court.(Whistle)Johnson. 
A LOT OF VOICESWho? ... who? ... who? ... who? ... 
MORRISONAw, come on, fellas, give me a break. 
INMATE VOICEYour brains may belong to the state, but your sanity belongs to me. 
INMATE VOICEAw, come on, fellas, give the fella a break. 
INMATE VOICEBreak ...(Bronx cheer
INMATE VOICECan't you say my name right?(Giving proper pronunciation)Correa ... Correa ... Correa. 
MORRISONYou guys go to the "C" side dayroom(Whistle)Sing Sing reception center. Gomez, A. 
VOICE RESPONSEScicando ... Lower D 11. 
MORRISONBring all your personal belongings and go to the "B" side dayroom.(Catcalls)All right, you guys want to play games, you guys don't let up that noise, you guys ain't locking out this morning. 
INMATE VOICEYou got it.(Ad-libs continue until OMAR speaks
ICEFuck you, sucker.(Silence. Sound of prison gate opening is heard
MORRISON(Whistle--dayroom lights come on)All right, on the lockout.(Enter OMAR, LONGSHOE, EL RAHEEM, PACO, and ICE. Each runs toward his respective position. Ad-libs.Then JUAN walks slowly toward his position.CUPCAKES is the last to come in. The MEN accompany him with simple scat singing to the tune of "The Stripper." Ad-libs) 
JUANWhy don't you cut that loose? Man, don't you think that kid get tired of hearing that every morning? 
PACOOh, man, we just jiving. 
ICEHey, Cupcake, you ain't got no plexes behind that, do you? 
CUPCAKESI mean ... like no ... but ... 
PACOYou see, Juan, Cupcake don't mind. 
CUPCAKESNo, really, Juan. Like I don't mind ... But that doesn't mean that I like to listen to it. I mean ... like ... hey ... I call you guys by your name. Why don't you call me by mine? My name ain't Cupcakes, it's Julio. 
EL RAHEEMIf you would acknowledge that you are God, your namewouldn't be Cupcake or Julio or anything else. You would be Dahoo. 
LONGSHOEAlready! Can't you spare us that shit early in the a.m.? 
EL RAHEEMNo ... one ... is ... talking ... to ... you ... Yacoub. 
LONGSHOEThe name is Longshoe Charlie Murphy ... Mister Murphy to you. 
EL RAHEEMYacoub ... maker and creator of the devil ... swine merchant. Your time is near at hand. Fuck around and your time will be now. Soon all devils' heads will roll and now rivers shall flow through the city--created by the blood of Whitey ... Devil ... beast. 
OMARSalaam Alaikum. 
PACOSalami with bacons. 
ICEPower to the people. 
LONGSHOEFree the Watergate 500. 
CUPCAKESTippecanoe and Tyler too. 
PACO(On table, overly feminine)A la lucha ... a la lucha ... que somo mucha ... 
OMARHey! Hey ... you know the Panthers say "Power to the people." 
MR. NETTOn the gate. 
OMAR(Strong voice)Power to the people. And gay liberators say ...(High voice, limp wrist in fist)Power to the people.(Enter NETT) 
MR. NETTHow about police power? 
JUANHow about it? Oink, oink. 
MR. NETTWise guy. Paco, you got a counsel visit. 
OMARMr. Nett? 
MR. NETTYeah, what is it? 
OMARMr. Nett, you know like I've been here over ten months--and I'd like to know why I can't get on the help. Like I've asked a dozen times ... and guys that just come in are shot over me ... and I get shot down ... Like why? Have I done something to you? Is there something about me that you don't like? 
Why, no. I don't have anything against you. But since you ask me I'll tell you. One is that when you first came in here you had the clap. 
OMARBut I don't have it any more. That was ten months ago. 
MR. NETTHow many fights have you had since the first day you came on the floor? 
OMARBut I haven't had a fight in a long time. 
MR. NETTHow many? 
MR. NETTSeven? Close to ten would be my estimation. No, if I put you on the help, there would be trouble in no time. Now if you give me your word that you won't fight and stay cool, I'll give it some deep consideration. 
OMARI can't give you my word on something like that. You know I don't stand for no lame coming out the side of his neck with me. Not my word ... My word is bond. 
EL RAHEEMBond is life. 
OMARThat's why I can't give you my word. My word is my bond. Man in prison ain't got nothing but his word, and he's got to be careful who and how and for what he give it for. But I'll tell you this, I'll try to be cool. 
MR. NETTWell, you're honest about it anyway. I'll think it over.(PACO and MR. NETT exit
EL RAHEEMTry is a failure. 
OMARFuck you. 
EL RAHEEMTry is a failure. Do. 
OMARFuck you. 
EL RAHEEMFuck yourself, it's cheaper. 
CUPCAKESHey, Mr. Nett--put on the power. 
MR. NETT(From outside the gate)The power is on. 
CUPCAKESThe box ain't on. 
MR. NETTMight be broken. I'll call the repairman. 
JUANMight as well listen to the radio. 
ICEThe radio ain't workin' either, Juan. I tried to get BLS a little while ago and got nothin' but static, Jack. 
CUPCAKESAnyone wants to play Dirty Hearts? I ain't got no money, but I'll have cigarettes later on this week. 
OMARMoney on the wood makes bettin' good. 
ICERight on.(LONGSHOE gives CUPCAKES cigarettes
JUANHey, Julio.(Throws CUPCAKES cigarettes.BROWN appears outside entrance gate
BROWNOn the gate.(Gate opens and PACO enters. Gate closes and BROWN exits
CUPCAKESShit. That was a real fast visit. 
PACONot fast enough. 
LONGSHOEWhat the man say about your case? 
PACOThe bitch wants me to cop out to a D--she must think my dick is made of sponge rubber. I told her to tell the D.A. to rub the offer on his chest. Not to come to court on my behalf--shit, the bitch must have made a deal with the D.A. on one of her paying customers. Man, if I wait I could get a misdemeanor by my motherfucking self. What the fuck I need with a Legal Aid? Guess who's on the bench? 
ICEWho they got out there? 
PACOCop-out Levine. 
ICEWow! He give me a pound for a frown. 
PACOFirst they give me a student, and now a double-crossin' bitch. 
LONGSHOEWe all got to make a living. 
PACOOn my expense? No fucking good. 
EL RAHEEMYou still expect the white man to give you a fair trial in his court? Don't you know what justice really means? Justice ... "just us" ... white folks. 
PACOLook here, man. I don't expect nothing from nobody--especially the Yankees. Man, this ain't my first time before them people behind these walls, cause I ain't got the money for bail. And you can bet that it won't be my last time--not as long as I'm poor and Puerto Rican. 
CUPCAKESCome on, let's play ... for push-ups. 
JUANHow many? 
CUPCAKESTen if you got just one book, fifteen if you got two. 
PACOI ain't playing for no goddamn push-ups. 
ICEHey--come on, don't be like that. 
PACOSaid ain't playing for no push-ups. Tell you what, let's play for coochie-coochies. 
ICEWhat the hell is coochie-coochies? 
JUANIt's a game they play in Puerto Rico. You ever see a flick about Hawaii? Them girls with the grass skirts moving their butts dancing? That's coochie-coochies. 
ICEI thought that was the hula-jack. 
PACOPut your shirt on your hips like this and move your ass. Coochie-coochie-coochie ... 
CUPCAKESThat's out. 
PACOYou got a plexes? 
CUPCAKESTold you before that I don't have no complexes. 
JUANYou got no plexes at all? 
JUANThen why not let me fuck you? 
CUPCAKESThat's definitely out. 
JUANPeople without complexes might as well turn stuff. 
OMARThinking of joining the ranks? Cruising the tearooms? 
EL RAHEEMWhat kind of black original man talk is that? Cupcakes puts the wisdom before the knowledge because that's his nature. He can't help that. But you are deliberately acting and thinking out of your nature ... thinking like the white devil, Yacoub. Your presence infects the minds of my people like a fever. You, Yacoub, are the bearer of three thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine diseases ... corrupt ... evil ... pork-chop-eating brain ... 
LONGSHOEI'm sick and ... 
EL RAHEEMSee, brothers, he admits he is sick with corruption. 
EL RAHEEMYou're not only the devil, you're also an owl? 
EL RAHEEM"Y"--why? Why is "Y" the twenty-fifth letter of the alphabet? 
LONGSHOEYou ... son of ... 
EL RAHEEMYou ... me ... they ... them. This ... those ... that ... "U" for the unknown. 
LONGSHOEI ... I ... 
EL RAHEEMEye ... I ... Aye ... Aye ... Aiiii ... hi ... 
LONGSHOEGames, huh? 
EL RAHEEMThe way of life is no game. Lame. 
LONGSHOEG ... O ... D ... D ... O ... G ... God spelled backward is dog ... dog spelled backward is God ... If Allah is God, Allah is a dog. 
EL RAHEEMAllah Akbar.(Screams, jumps on him)Allah Akbar.(MR. NETT and BROWN appear outside entrance gate
MR. NETTOn the gate.(BROWN opens gate. MR. NETT and BROWN enter. MR. NETT breaks them apart
MR. NETTWhat the hell is going on here? 
OMARMr. Nett, let these two git it off, else we's gonna have mucho static around here. 
ICEYeah ... Mr. Nett ... they got a personality thing going on for weeks. 
MR. NETTFair fight, Murphy? 
LONGSHOEThat's what I want. 
MR. NETTJohnson? 
EL RAHEEMEl Raheem. Johnson is a slave name.(Nods)May your Christian God have mercy on your soul, Yacoub.(BROWN closes gate.EL RAHEEM and LONGSHOE square off and begin to fight ... boxing ... some wrestling.LONGSHOE is knocked clean across the room
LONGSHOEGuess you say that left hook is Whitey trickology? 
EL RAHEEMNo, honky, you knocked me down. My sister hits harder than that. She's only eight.(They wrestle until EL RAHEEM is on top. Then NETT breaks them apart
OMARWhy didn't you break it up while Whitey was on top? 
MR. NETTListen, why don't you two guys call it quits--ain't none of you really gonna end up the winner ... Give it up ... be friends ... shake hands ... Come, break it up, you both got your shit off ... break it up. Go out and clean yourselves up. Make this the last time I see either of you fighting. On the gate. Next time I turn on the water.(BROWN and NETT exit, gate closes.The RICANS go to their table and begin to play on the table as if it were bongos
ICEYou two got it together. 
EL RAHEEMI am God ... master and ruler of my universe ... I am always together. 
OMARLet me ask you one question, God. 
EL RAHEEMYou have permission to ask two. 
OMARThank you ... If you're God, why are you in jail? God can do anything, right? Melt these walls down, then create a stairway of light to the streets below ... God. If you're God, then you can do these things. If you can't, tell me why God can't do a simple thing like that. 
EL RAHEEMI am God ... I am a poor righteous teacher of almighty Allah and by his will I am here to awaken the original lost in these prisons ... Black original man is asleep ... This is your school of self-awareness. Wake up, black man, melt these walls? You ask me, a tangible god, to do an intangible feat? Mysterious intangible gods do mysterious intangible deeds. There is nothing mysterious about me. Tangible gods do tangible deeds.(PUERTO RICAN GROUP goes back to playing. "Toca, si, va, tocar"
CUPCAKES(On table, M.C.-style)That's right, ladies and gentlemen ... damas y caballeros ... every night is Latin night at the House of Detention. Tonight for the first time ... direct from his record-breaking counsel visit ... on congas is Paco Pasqual ... yeaaaaaa. With a all-star band ... for your listening enjoyment ... Juan Bobo Otero on timbales ... On mouth organ Charles Murphy ... To show you the latest dancing are Iceman, John Wicker ... and his equally talented partner, Omar Blinker ... yeaaaaaa. While tapping his toes for you all ... moving his head to the rhythm of the band is the mighty El Raheem, yeaaaaaaa. Boooooooo. Yes, brothers and sisters, especially you sisters, don't miss this musical extravaganza. I'll be there, too ... to say hello to all my friends ... So be there ... Don't be the one to say "Gee, I missed it" ... This is your cha-cha jockey, Julio ... 
ALLCupcakes ... 
CUPCAKESMercado ... Be sure to be there ... Catch this act ... this show of shows before they leave on a long extended touring engagement with state ...(PACO pinches CUPCAKES's ass)Keep your hands off my ass, man.(CUPCAKES moves stage left, sits pouting. Ad-libs) 
PACOHey, kid, do one of those prison toasts ...(They urge him on with various ad-libs) 
CUPCAKESAll right, dig ... You guys gotta give me background ... Clap your hands and say ... Mambo tu le pop ... It was the night before Christmas ... and all through the pad ... cocaine and heroin was all the cats had. One cat in the corner ... copping a nod ... Another scratching thought he was God ... I jumps on the phone ... and dial with care ... hoping my reefer ... would soon be there ... After a while ... crowding my style ... I ran to the door ... see what's the matter ... And to my surprise ... I saw five police badges ... staring ... glaring in my eyes ... A couple of studs ... starts to get tough, so I ran to the bathroom ... get rid of the stuff ... narc bang ... bang ... but they banged in vain ... cause you see ... what didn't go in my veins went down the drain ... Broke down the door ... knock me to the floor ... and took me away, that's the way I spent my last Christmas Day ... like a dirty dog ... in a dark and dingy cell ... But I didn't care cause I was high as hell ... But I was cool ... I was cool ... I was cool ... You people are the fools ... cream of the top ... cause I got you say something as stupid as Mambo tu le pop.(GROUP chases CUPCAKES around stage.BROWN and CLARK DAVIS appear outside entrance gate) 
BROWNOn the gate.(Gate opens and CLARK DAVIS enters, goes to stage center. BROWN closes gate and exits
CUPCAKESHey, Longshoe ... one of your kin ... look-a-like sin just walked in ... 
EL RAHEEMAnother devil. 
LONGSHOEHey ... hey, whatdayasay ... My name's Longshoe Charlie Murphy. Call me Longshoe. What's your name? 
CLARKDavis ... Clark ... Ah ... Clark Davis ... Clark is my first name. 
PACOClark Kent. 
CUPCAKESMild-mannered, too. 
OMARNo, no, Superman.(Other ad-libs: "Faster than a speeding bullet," etc.
PACOOye ... Shoe ... Está bueno ... Pa' rajalo ... 
LONGSHOEBack ... back ... boy ... no está bueno ... anyway, no mucho ... como Cupcake. 
LONGSHOEPay them no mind ... crazy spies ... where you locking? 
CLARKUpper D 15. 
LONGSHOESiberia, huh? ... Tough. 
CLARKFirst time in the joint. 
LONGSHOEYeah? Well, I better hip you to what's happening fast. 
ICELook out for your homey, Shoe. 
LONGSHOELook here, this is our section ... white ... dig? That's the Rican table, you can sit there if they give you permission ... Same goes with the black section. 
ICESay it loud. 
OMARI'm black and proud. 
LONGSHOEMost of the fellas are in court. I'm the Don Gee here. Youknow what that mean, right? Good ... Niggers and the spics don't give us honkies much trouble. We're cool half ass. This is a good floor. Dynamite hack on all shifts. Stay away from the black gods ...(NETT appears outside gate
NETTOn the gate. 
You know them when you see them.(NETT opens gate and enters
NETTOn the chow. 
ICEWhat we got, Mr. Nett? 
NETTBaloney à la carte. 
ICEShit, welfare steaks again.(All exit except CLARK and LONGSHOE. Gate stays open. The men reenter with sandwiches and return to their respective places.NETT closes gate and exits
LONGSHOEBlack go on the front of the line, we stay in the back ... It's okay to rap with the blacks, but don't get too close with any of them. Ricans too. We're the minority here, so be cool. If you hate yams, keep it to yourself. Don't show it.But also don't let them run over you. Ricans are funny people. Took me a long time to figure them out, and you know something, I found out that I still have a lot to learn about them. I rap spic talk. They get a big-brother attitude about the whites in jail. But they also back the niggers to the T. 
(Throws LONGSHOE a sandwich)Hey, Shoe. 
LONGSHOEIf a spic pulls a razor blade on you and you don't have a mop wringer in your hands ... run ... If you have static with a nigger and they ain't no white people around ... get a spic to watch your back, you may have a chance ... That ain't no guarantee ... If you have static with a spic, don't get no nigger to watch your back cause you ain't gonna have none. 
OMARYou can say that again. 
ICETwo times. 
LONGSHOEYou're a good-looking kid ... You ain't stuff and you don't want to be stuff. Stay away from the bandidos. Paco is one of them ... Take no gifts from no one.(NETT appears outside entrance gate
NETTClark Davis ... Davis. 
CLARKYes, that's me. 
NETTOn the gate.(NETT opens gate, enters with CLARK's belongings, leaves gate open)Come here ... come here ... white trash ... filth ... Let me tell you something and you better listen good cause I'm only going to say it one time ... and one time only. This is a nice floor ... a quiet floor ... There has never been too much trouble on this floor ... With you, I smell trouble ... I don't question the warden's or the captain's motive for putting you on this floor ... But for once I'm gonna ask why they put a sick fucking degenerate like you on my floor ... If you just talk out the side of your mouth one time ... if you look at me sideways one time ... if you mispronounce my name once, if you pick up more food than you can eat ... if you call me for something I think is unnecessary ... if you oversleep, undersleep ... if ... if ... if ... you give me just one little reason ... I'm gonna break your face up so bad your own mother won't know you ... 
LONGSHOEMr. Nett is being kinda hard ... 
NETTShut up ... I got a eight-year-old daughter who was molested by one of those bastards ... stinking sons of bitches and I just as well pretend that he was you, Davis, do you understand that ... 
PACOShort eyes. 
LONGSHOEShort eyes? Short eyes ... Clark, are you one of those short-eyes freaks ... are you a short-eyes freak? 
NETTSit down, Murphy ... I'm talking to this ... this scumbag ... yeah, he's a child rapist ... a baby rapist, how old was she? How old? ... Eight ... seven ... Disgusting bastard ... Stay out of my sight ... cause if you get in my face just one time ... don't forget what I told you ... I'll take a night stick and ram it clean up your asshole ... I hope to God that they take you off this floor, or send you to Sing Sing ... The men up there know what to do with degenerates like you. 
CLARKI ... I ... 
NETTAll right, let's go ... Lock in ... lock in ... for the count ... Clark, the captain outside on the bridge wants to see you. I hope he takes you off this floor ... 
LONGSHOEHey, Davis ... (Walks up to him and spits in his face. Men exit
NETTJuan, stay out and clean the dayroom. Omar, take the tier. (CAPTAIN ALLARD appears on the catwalk above. CLARK joins ALLARD and they carry on inaudible conversation.Crossing from stage right to stage left on the catwalkare CUPCAKES, ICE, and LONGSHOE, followed by MR. BROWN. As LONGSHOE passes, he bumps CLARK.MR. BROWN stops beside CLARK, and CAPTAIN ALLARD chases after LONGSHOE to catwalk above left
ALLARDHey, just a minute, you. That's just the kind of stuff that's going to cease.(BROWN and CLARK exit catwalk above right and appear at entrance gate stage right
BROWNOn the gate.(BROWN opens gate, CLARK enters dayroom, BROWN closes gate. CLARK says something inaudible to BROWN)You're lucky if you get a call before Christmas.(BROWN exits. CLARK leans on gate
LONGSHOEGet off that fuckin' gate.(While the above was going on, JUAN has taken his cleaning equipment from the shower upstage left and placed can of Ajax and rag on the toilet area upstage center, and broom, mop, bucket, dustpan, dust broom, dust box in downstage left corner. JUAN sits at table, CLARK at window. JUAN pours coffee, offers CLARK a sandwich. CLARK crosses to table and sits) 
JUANHey, man, did you really do it?(OMAR starts chant offstage
CLARKI don't know. 
JUANWhat do you mean, you don't know? What you think I am, a fool, or something out of a comic book. 
CLARKNo ... I don't mean to sound like that, I ... I ... 
JUANLook, man, either you did it or you didn't.(JUAN stands)That all there is to it ... 
CLARKI don't know if I did it or not. 
JUANYou better break that down to me (Sits) cause you lost me. 
CLARKWhat I mean is that I may have done it or I may not have ... I just don't remember ... I remember seeing that little girl that morning ... I sat in Bellevue thirty-three days and I don't remember doing anything like that to that little girl. 
JUANYou done something like that before, haven't you? 
CLARKI ... ye ... yes ... I have ... How did you know? 
JUANYour guilt flies off your tongue, man.(Stands) Sound like one of those guys in an encounter session (Starts to sweep) looking to dump their shit off on someone ... You need help ... The bad part about it is that you know it ... 
CLARKHelp? I need help? Yes ... yes, I do need help ... But I'm afraid to find it ... Why? ... Fear ... just fear ... Perhaps fear of knowing that I may be put away forever ... I have a wife and kid I love very much ... and I want to be with them. I don't ever want to be away from them ... ever. But now this thing has happened ... I don't know what to do ... I don't know ... If I fight it in court, they'll end up getting hurt ... If I don't, it'll be the same thing ... Jesus help me ... God forgive me. 
JUANCause man won't.(JUAN at downstage left corner sweeping up dust
CLARKNo, man won't ... Society will never forgive me ... or accept me back once this is openly known.(JUAN begins to stack chairs stage right. CLARK hands JUAN a chair)I think about it sometimes and ... funny, I don't really feel disgusted ... just ashamed ... You wanna ... 
JUANListen to you? It's up to you ... You got a half hour before the floor locks out unless you wanna go public like A.A.(JUAN picks up stool
CLARKNo ... no ... no ... I can't ... I didn't even talk with the psychiatrist in the bughouse. 
JUANRun it ...(JUAN puts down stool
CLARKYou know, somehow it seems like there's no beginning. Seems like I've always been in there all my life. I have like little picture incidents running across my mind ... I remember being ... fifteen or sixteen years old(JUAN crosses upstage center to clean toilet)or something around that age, waking up to the sound of voices coming from the living room ... cartoons on the TV ... They were watching cartoons on the TV, two little girls. One was my sister, and her friend ... And you know how it is when you get up in the morning, the inevitable hard-on is getting up with you. I draped the sheet around my shoulders ... Everyone else was sleeping ... The girl watching TV with my sister ... yes ... Hispanic ... pale-looking skin ... She was eight ... nine ... ten ... what the difference, she was a child ... She was very pretty--high cheekbones, flashing black eyes ... She was wearing blue short pants ... tight-fitting ... a white blouse, or shirt ... My sister ... she left to do number two ...(JUAN returns to stage right)She told her friend wait for me, I'm going to do number two, and they laughed about it. I sneaked in standing a little behind her ... She felt me standing there and turned to me ... She smiled such a pretty little smile ... I told her I was a vampire and she laughed ... I spread the sheets apart and she suddenly stopped laughing ... She just stood there staring at me ... Shocked? surprised? intrigued? Don't know ... don't know ... She just stood and stared ...(JUAN crosses to downstage left)I came closer like a vampire ... She started backing away ... ran toward the door ... stopped, looked at me again. Never at my face ... my body ... I couldn't really tell whether or not the look on her face was one of fear ... but I'll never forget that look.(BROWN crosses on catwalk from left to right with a banana. Stands at right)I was really scared that she'd tell her parents. Weeks passed without confrontation ... and I was feeling less and less afraid ... But that's not my thing, showing myself naked to little girls in schoolyards.(JUAN crosses to downstage right corner and begins to mop from downstage right to downstage left)One time ... no, it was the first time ... the very first time. I was alone watching TV ... Was I in school or out ... And there was this little Puerto Rican girl from next door ... Her father was the new janitor ... I had seen her before ... many times ... sliding down the banister ... Always her panties looked dirty ... She was ... oh, why do I always try to make their age higher than it really was ... even to myself. She was young, much too young ... Why did she come there? For who? Hundred questions. Not one small answer ... not even a lie flickers across my brain. 
OFFSTAGE VOICEAll right, listen up. The following inmates report for sanitation duty: Smalls, Gary; Medena, James; Pfeifer,Willis; Martinez, Raul. Report to C.O. grounds for sanitation duty. 
CLARKHow did I get to the bathroom with her? Don't know. I was standing there with her, I was combing her hair. I was combing her hair. Her curly reddish hair ... (JUAN crosses upstage right, starts to mop upstage right to upstage left)I was naked ... naked ... except for these flower-printed cotton underwears ... No slippers, barefooted ... Suddenly I get this feeling over me ... like a flash fever ... and I'm hard ... I placed my hands on her small shoulders ... and pressed her hand and placed it on my penis ... Did she know what to do? Or did I coerce her? I pulled down my drawers ... But then I felt too naked, so I put them back on ... My eyes were closed ... but I felt as if there was this giant eye off in space staring at me ...(JUAN stops upstage left and listens to CLARK, who is unaware JUAN is in back of him)I opened them and saw her staring at me in the cabinet mirror. I pulled her back away from the view of the mirror ... My hands up her dress, feeling her underdeveloped body ... I ... I ... I began pulling her underwear down on the bowl ... She resisted ... slightly, just a moment ... I sat on the bowl ... She turned and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips ... She gave a small nervous giggle ... I couldn't look at her ... I closed my eyes ... turned her body ... to face away from me ... I lubricated myself ... and ... I hear a scream, my own ... there was a spot of blood on my drawers ... I took them off right then and there ... ripped them up and flushedthem down the toilet ... She had dressed herself up and asked me if we could do it again tomorrow ... and was I her boyfriend now ... I said yes, yes ...(JUAN goes to center stage, starts mopping center stage right to stage left.BROWN exits from catwalk above right)I couldn't sit still that whole morning, I just couldn't relax. I dressed and took a walk ... Next thing I know I was running--out of breath ... I had run over twenty blocks ... twenty blocks blind ... without knowing ... I was running ... Juan, was it my conscious or subconscious that my rest stop was a children's playground ... Coincidence perhaps ... But why did I run in that direction, no, better still, why did I start walking in that direction ... Coincidence? Why didn't my breath give out elsewhere ... Coincidence?(JUAN moves to downstage left, CLARK moves to upstage center and sits on window ledge)I sat on the park bench and watched the little girls swing ... slide ... run ... jump rope ... Fat ... skinny ... black ... white ... Chinese ... I sat there until the next morning ... The next day I went home and met the little Puerto Rican girl again ... Almost three times a week ... The rest of the time I would be in the playground or in the children's section of the movies ... But you know something? Er, er ...(CLARK moves toward JUAN, who is in downstage left corner
CLARKYes, Juan ... Juan the listener ... the compassionate ... you know something, Juan ... I soon became ... became ... what? A pro? A professional degenerate? (The sound of garbage cans banging together is heard offstage)I don't know if you can call it a second insight on children. But ... I would go to the park ... and sit there for hours and talk with a little girl and know if I would do it or not with her ... Just a few words was all needed ... Talk stupid things they consider grownup talk ... Soon my hand would hold hers, then I would caress her face ... Next her thighs ... under their dress ... I never took any of them home or drove away with them in my car ... I always told them to meet me in the very same building they lived in ... 
OFFSTAGE VOICEOn the sanitation gate.(Sound of gate opening
CLARKOn the roof or their basements under the stairs ... Sometimes in their own home if the parents were out ... The easiest ones were the Puerto Ricans and the black girls ... Little white ones would masturbate you right there in the park for a dollar or a quarter ... depending on how much emphasis their parents put in their heads on making money ... I felt ashamed at first ... But then I would rehearse at nights what to do the next time ... planning ... I(JUAN starts moving slowly from downstage left to upstage left)couldn't help myself ... I couldn't help myself ... Something drove me to it ... I thought of killing myself ... but I just couldn't go through with it ... I don'treally wanna die ... I wanted to stop, really I did ... I just didn't know how. I thought maybe I was crazy ... but I read all types of psychology books ... I heard or read somewhere that crazy people can't distinguish right from wrong ... Yet I can ... I know what's right and I know what I'm doing is wrong, yet I can't stop myself ... 
JUANWhy didn't you go to the police or a psychiatrist ...(JUAN crosses to shower room upstage left
CLARKI wanted to many a time ... But I know that the police would find some pretext to kill me ... And a psychiatrist ... well, if he thought he couldn't help me he'd turn me over to them or commit me to some nut ward ... Juan, try to understand me.(JUAN comes out of shower room and starts putting away his cleaning equipment) 
JUANMotherfucker, try to understand you ... if I wasn't trying to, I would have killed you ... stone dead, punk ... (JUAN, at downstage left corner, picks up broom and bucket)The minute you said that thing about the Rican girls ...If I was you I'd ask transfer to protection ... cause(JUAN returns to shower room)if you remain on this floor you're asking to die ... You'll be committing involuntary suicide ...(JUAN again crosses to downstage left corner, picks up remaining equipment, crosses to toilet, picks up Ajax and rag, and crosses to shower room)Shit, why the fuck did you have to tell me all of it ... You don't know me from Adam ...(JUAN comes out of shower room and crosses to CLARK, stage center)Why the hell did you have to make me your father confessor? Why? Why didn't you stop, why? 
CLARKCause you asked. Cause you ... What I told you I didn't even tell the doctors at the observation ward ... Everything is coming down on me so fast ... I needed to tell it all ... to someone ... Juan, you were willing to listen.(Whistle blows
MR. NETT(Offstage)All right, on the lockout ...(Whistle
OTHER VOICESOn the lockout.(BROWN appears outside the gate
BROWNOn the gate.(Enter EL RAHEEM, PACO, OMAR, ICE, CUPCAKES, and LONGSHOE. BROWN closes gate and exits. ICE and OMAR get one chair and cross to table. OMAR starts playing cards.LONGSHOE gets his stool and crosses to behind table.CUPCAKES does push-ups on chair stage right
ICEYou're gonna be on the help for good, Omar. 
OMARNo, the man said just for today ... But he put me on top of the list. 
ICEYou gonna look out for me, heavy homeeeeey? 
OMARSince when did we become homeeeeeys? Shit, man--you're way out there in Coney Island somewhere ... and I'm way in Bed-Stuy. 
ICEHow you gonna show, brother man? It's the same borough, ain't it? 
OMARIt's the same borough, Iceman ... but it's a different world. 
ICEAin't this a bitch? I comes on this here floor with this man ... There was nothing but Whiteys on the floor. It was me and him against the world ... I come out every night and stand by his side, ready to die ... to die ... 
PACOYeah, cause you no wanna die alone. 
ICEThat has nothing to do with nothing. 
OMARIt has everything to do with everything. 
ICEHow you going to show? How you do this to me, Omar, homey. 
OMARBeing how you mentioned it, perhaps it's not a bad idea. Save me some money when you go to the store. 
ICEI ain't gonna argue that ... cause this is me, the Iceman, talking--my hand don't call for this type of talking, man. Your main mellow-man, this is too strong ... Contracts ... 
OMARWho said anything about contract? I didn't say anything about contract ... Anybody here said anything about a contract? ... 
CUPCAKESI didn't hear anybody say anything ... I didn't say it. 
PACOMe neither ... 
LONGSHOEWho could say anything with a swollen lip. 
JUANI mind my own business. 
OMARSee, you must be hearing things. 
ICEYou didn't say it ... but you implied it ... You was leading right up to it. 
OMARWell, now that you mentioned it ... perhaps it's not a bad idea ... 
ICEHow you gonna do this to me? Omarrrrr ... homeeey ... 
OMARDid it to yourself ... You knew I'd always look out ... but now you put these ideas into my head ... and it sounds kinda ... 
ICEOmar ... my pretty nigger ... even if you get no bigger, you'll always be my main nigger ... And if you get any bigger, you'll just be my bigger nigger ... 
OMARBetter run that shit on the judge ... You know what you can do for me ... give me a softshoe. 
ICEYes sir, boss, captain, your honor, mister, sir.(Fast softshoe
OMARHey, freak.(To CLARK)You're sittin' on my Chinese handball court ...(CLARK moves to upstage right
ICEThat there is where I hangs my wet clean clothes ... and I don't wanna have them sprayed. Move ... creep.(CLARK moves to stage center
EL RAHEEMYou're in God's walking space.(CLARK moves to lower stage right
PACOThat's Paco's walking space. 
CUPCAKESHey, Clark ... that spot's not taken ... Right over there ... Yeah, that's right ... The whole toilet bowl and you go well together. 
CLARKI'm not going to stand for this treatment. 
PACODid you say something out of your mouth, creep ... 
OMARYou talking to everyone, or to someone in particular? 
LONGSHOEI know you ain't talking to me. 
ICEYou got something you wanna say to someone in this room, faggot? 
CLARKI was talking to myself. 
EL RAHEEMWell, don't talk to yourself too loud. 
CUPCAKESTalk to the shitbowl ... You'll find you got a lot in common with each other ... 
JUANDrop it ... Cut it loose ...PACO¿Donde está La Mancha? ... or did Sancho go to another floor? ... 
JUANPoco ... one of these days you gonna get me very very angry. 
PACOI'm trembling, man ... whooo, I'm scared ... Can't you smell it, I'm shitting bricks ... 
ICEJuan ... be cool ... don't know why you wanna put front for that freak ... But, man ... if you don't wanna vamp ... don't go against your own people ... You be wrong, man ... 
JUANAin't going against my own brother man ... But if the dude is a sicky ... cut him loose ... All that ain't necessary ... Ice. 
ICEIt ain't your place, Juan, and you know it ... You're out of time ... 
PACOI think he has a special interest. 
ICEDon't come out of your face wrong, Paco. 
ICEYou're interrupting me, Paco ... Me and you both know where you're coming from ... Don't make me put your shit in the streets ... And, Juan, you know you're out of order. This ain't your turn, man ... 
CUPCAKESLet's go do up them clothes, Juan. 
JUANYeah. O.K., kid ... go get the buckets ... I'll be down the tier.(BROWN appears outside gate
CUPCAKESOn the gate. 
BROWNOn the gate.(BROWN opens gate and CUPCAKES and JUAN exit. BROWN closes gate and exits
PACOMan thinks he El grande Pingú ... 
ICESquash it ... 
LONGSHOE(Goes over to toilet, where CLARK is)Hey, man ... don't leave. I want you to hold it for me ... while I pee. 
CLARKWhat ... wha ... 
LONGSHOEI want you to hold my motherfucking dick while I pee, sucker, so I don't get my hands wet ...(Laughter)Well? 
CLARKNo ... no ... I can't do that ... 
LONGSHOEOh. You can't do that ... but you can rape seven-year-old girls. 
CLARKI didn't rape anybody. I didn't do anything. 
LONGSHOEShut up, punk.(Pushes CLARK's chest)What's this--smokes. 
CLARKThey're all I have ... but you're welcome to some. 
LONGSHOESome? I'm welcome to all of them, creep. 
CLARKWhat about me? 
LONGSHOEWhat about you? 
CLARKThey're all I have. 
CLARKBut ... 
ICEKick, motherfucker, kick. 
LONGSHOEKick ... hey, let me see that chain ... gold ... 
LONGSHOEHow many carats? 
ICEDamn, Shoe ... if you gonna take the chain, take the chain. 
LONGSHOEI ... me ... take ... Who said anything about taking anything. That would be stealing and that's dishonest, ain't it, Clarky baby ... You wanna give that chain, don't you ... After all, we're both white and we got to look out for one another. Ain't that true, Clarky baby ... You gonna be real white about the whole thing, aren't you, Clarky baby. 
CLARKIt's a gift from my mother. 
LONGSHOEI didn't know you had a mother ... I didn't think human beings gave birth to dogs, too. 
OMARLooks like the freak ain't upping the chain, Shoe. 
LONGSHOEOh man, Clarky baby, how you gonna show in front of these people? You want them to think we're that untogether? What are you trying to say, man? You mean to stand there in your nice cheap summer suit looking very white and deny my whiteness by refusing to share a gift with me? That totally uncool ... You're insulting me, man. 
OMARMan's trying to say that you're not white enough. 
LONGSHOEYou're trying to put a wire out on me, creep? 
OMARMan saying you're a nigger-lover. 
LONGSHOEYou saying that I'm a quadroon? 
EL RAHEEMWhat? Freak, did you say that devil has some royal Congo blood in his veins? 
ICEI ain't got nothin' to do with it, Shoe, but I swore I heard the freak say that you were passing, Shoe. 
CLARKI didn't say that ... I didn't say anything. 
ICEYou calling me a liar. 
CLARKNo, no ... no. 
Then you did say it?(They all push CLARK around
CLARKPlease, please, here, take this chain, leave me alone. 
ICE(Yanks chain from around neck)Pick the motherfucking chain up, freak. 
EL RAHEEMThat's right ... You tell that man he ain't good enough to talk to. 
LONGSHOEFirst I'm a nigger-lover ... then a quadroon ... Now I'm not even good enough to talk to. 
EL RAHEEMBoy, I told you about being in God's walking space, didn't I? 
ICEYou better answer God when he speaks, boy. 
LONGSHOEDon't you turn your back on me, motherfucker.(Strikes CLARK. He falls against EL RAHEEM, who hits him too. 
OMAR begins kicking him.MR. NETT appears outside gate
MR. NETTOn the gate.(NETT opens gate, enters
OMARMr. Nett. 
EL RAHEEMMr. Nett, Mr. Nett, the man started a fight with Omar and we just broke it up. 
ICEThat's right, Mr. Nett. 
MR. NETTYou guys shouldn't whip his face. Omar, you are on the help permanently. The Torres brothers beat their case this morning. 
OMARRight on ... Bet them two are high as all hell by now. 
MR. NETT.Yeah, and they'll be back, mark my words ... Listen, get this man off the floor ... You guys know the rules ... No sleeping on the floor.(MR. NETT closes gate and exits
ICEYou guys oughta learn how to touch up a dude. 
OMARI'll get a bucket of water. 
LONGSHOEFuck the bucket of water, Omar. Put the sucker's head in the toilet bowl. There's water there. 
EL RAHEEMHe's still a devil ... I won't do that to no man. 
LONGSHOEWe could get it on again. 
EL RAHEEMThat don't present me no problems ... 
ICESquash it, man ... both of you ... 
LONGSHOECome on, Omar, grab his other side ... 
OMARHey, there's still piss in there. 
LONGSHOEPut his head in and I'll flush it. 
EL RAHEEMOmar ... let me put his head in there and you flush it. 
LONGSHOEMakes me no difference ... flush the motherfucker, Omar.(OMAR, LONGSHOE, PACO pick up CLARK to put his head in toilet bowl. They use him as a ramrod, making three runs at the toilet, CLARK screaming. On third ram, toilet is flushed, and lights fade)Copyright © 1974, 1975 by Miguel Piñero Introduction copyright © 1975 by Marvin Felix Camillo Miguel Pinero, once a burglar, mugger, shoplifter, and drug addict, began writing when serving a five-year sentence in Sing Sing for armed robbery. He was discovered and encouraged by Marvin Felix Camillo, who conducted a drama workshop at the prison. Camillo's workshop grew into an acting company of ex-convicts called "The Family," members of which made up most of the cast in Joseph Papp's premiere production of Short Eyes in 1974. Mr. Pinero died in 1988.