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For Women Only

For Women Only

A Revolutionary Guide to Reclaiming Your Sex Life

Jennifer Berman; and Laura Berman; with Elisabeth Bumiller

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The groundbreaking New York Times bestseller now in a fully revised edition

Dr. Jennifer Berman, one of the few female urologists in the United States, and her sister, Dr. Laura Berman, a sex therapist, wrote this comprehensive handbook for the whole woman to examine all facets of her sexual health. They discuss surprising new information about how the female anatomy really works, ways female sexual response changes through various stages of life, how women can recognize and identify sexual problems, and tips for talking to doctors about sexual complaints without embarrassment.

This new edition brings all the information in the book fully up to date and includes
- advice about the latest medical treatments
- information on new drugs and products
- a revised exercises section and all-new case studies
- a self-assessment questionaire to help women recognize
whether a problem exists and lend direction on where
to seek help

For Women Only is still the most complete guide available to treating sexual problems and achieving full sexual potential.


Praise for For Women Only

“Sex therapist Laura Berman and urologist Jennifer Berman are on the cutting edge of current research.” —Newsweek

“Dr. Jennifer Berman and Dr. Laura Berman have written a comprehensive-and revolutionary-handbook on women's sexual health. They begin where Masters and Johnson left off, defining the female sexual response and offering levelheaded advice and treatment for women's sexual needs.” —Helen Fisher, author of Anatomy of Love

“The Berman sisters [are] pioneers in the study of women's sexual dysfunction.” —Los Angeles Times

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About the author

Jennifer Berman; and Laura Berman; with Elisabeth Bumiller

Jennifer Berman, M.D., director of the Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA, and Laura Berman, Ph.D., director of the Berman Center in Chicago, co-host Berman and Berman on the Discovery Health Channel. They appear regularly on Good Morning America and have been featured on Oprah and CNN, and in The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and People.
Elisabeth Bumiller is the author of three books of nonfiction and is a White House
correspondent for The New York Times.

Dr. Jennifer Berman

Dr. Laura Berman

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