Fox at the Front

Fox on the Rhine (Volume 2)

Douglas Niles and Michael Dobson

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In the tradition of the bestselling novels Fatherland and SS-GB, Fox on the Rhine was the heart-stopping novel of military suspense that showed what might have happened behind the scenes and on the battlefield had a single incident of WWII been different. Now, that alternate war continues in Fox at the Front.

July 20, 1944.

A group of disillusioned officers of Hitler's high command plant a bomb that successfully kills the Führer. For a moment, there is an opportunity for surrender, peace, and survival for all of Germany ... but Himmler has other plans.

An armistice is signed with Stalin's Soviet Union. New battle lines result in a very different Battle of the Bulge, where the legendary Desert Fox, Erwin Rommel, meets Blood 'n' Guts George Patton.

These two masters of modern cavalry tactics must join forces and push to the East, where the hungry bear of Stalin's army is readying a land grab of all of Eastern Europe, claiming war spoils they ill deserve.

From battlefields to board rooms, Niles and Dobson spin an action-filled military thriller, so rich in detail you believe that it could have occurred.

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Fox at the Front
OPERATION VENGEANCE2 7-3 1 DECEMBER 1944The leaders of the American economy and the American General Staff have achieved miracles. The organization, training and equipment of the U.S. Army all bear witness to great imagination and foresight, and, above all, to the positive determination of the American people to act in unison and create a war machine with real striking power ...Technically and strategically the landing in Normandy was a brilliant achievement of the first magnitude. It showed that the Americans had the courage, at any rate in the technical field, to employ a

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Praise for Fox at the Front

Praise for Fox on the Rhine

"For people who love history, written by people who know it well"
--Larry Bond

"An intriguing what-if scenario, and one that could have happened ... not since SSGB by Len Deighton have I seen a more credible conclusion to WWII ... the book is a triumph!"
--Walter J. Boyne, bestselling co-author of the The Wild Blue

"A colossal epic of a World War II that might have been...A real page turner!"
-- Frank Chadwick, New York Times bestselling author of The Desert Shield Fact Book

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About the Author

Douglas Niles and Michael Dobson

Douglas Niles is a bestselling author of fantasy novels for TSR and an award-winning game designer whose credits include Tom Clancy's The Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising board games. He lives in Wisconsin.

Michael Dobson is also an award-winning game designer. He served as a member of the team that built the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. He lives in Maryland.

Douglas Niles
Michael Dobson


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Fox at the Front
Douglas Niles and Michael Dobson

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e-Book Agency
Tom Doherty Associates
Forge Books
June 2004
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ISBN: 9781466818347
ISBN10: 1466818344
560 pages

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