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A Monstrous Parody

Rick Walton; illustrated by Nathan Hale

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Kindle, Fixed Layout


Feiwel & Friends

Feiwel & Friends


ISBN: 9781466816527

48 Pages, Ages 4-8

This laugh-out-loud funny and devilish send-up of Ludwig Bemelmans's Madeline is for little monsters everywhere.

Frankenstein is the scariest of all the monsters in Miss Devel's castle. He can frighten anything--animals, parents, even rocks. Until one night, Miss Devel wakes up and runs downstairs to find that Frankenstein has lost his head!


Praise for Frankenstein

“Walton twists the classic rhymes of the original with glee ('In two crooked lines, they bonked their heads / pulled out their teeth / and wet their beds') while Hale reenacts each scene with devilish mayhem.” —Booklist

“The illustrations have traded sunny yellow for pumpkin orange backgrounds and make comically sly allusions to the original title.” —Kirkus

“Fans of the original...will enjoy spotting the parallels in this creepy-cute Halloween substitute.” —Publishers Weekly

“Children...will gobble this one up...” —School Library Journal

“Anyone who loves Ludwig Bemelmans's classic will be howling at the moon over this witty mash-up. It's the latest in a growing crypt of hilariously wicked kids books that includes Michael Rex's Goodnight Goon and Judy Sierra's The House That Drac Built…Striking [the] devilish balance between the original and the transformed version is what makes this book--and all good parodies--so enchanting.” —The Washington Post

“In this parody, Walton and Hale twist and retell Bemelman's classic story Madeline by using Frankenstein as their main character. The illustration on the book's cover may look oddly familiar to Madeline and readers may notice the word play with the author's name, Ludworst Bemonster, which is used as the pen name for the book. Those readers who like a bit of a monster-twist to a familiar story may find this parody hilarious.” —Children's Literature

In the Press

Read the Kirkus Review of FRANKENSTEIN . Just in time for Halloween, Walton and Hale (<em>Twelve Bots of Christma<em>s, 2010) combine their talents to become "Ludworst Bemonster," author of a droll parody of Ludwig Bemelmans' <em>Madeline<em>. - Kirkus Reviews

Rick Walton and Nathan Hale have reworked Ludwig Bemelmans’s story of the little French girl for Halloween. - The Washington Post

About the author

Rick Walton; illustrated by Nathan Hale

Ludworst Bemonster is the pen name for author Rick Walton and artist Nathan Hale, who got bored one Halloween and decided that their favorite children's book would be much, much better if there were monsters in it. They both live in Provo, Utah.

Nathan Hale

Rick Walton

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