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From Here to Maternity

From Here to Maternity

A Novel of Total Exhaustion

Kris Webb and Kathy Wilson

Thomas Dunne Books



Saturday morning coffee sessions are never going to be the same. . . .

Sydney marketing exec Sophie presumed "making sacrifices for your children" meant giving up Bloody Marys and champagne for nine months. When she thought about it, that is. . . . But then two blue lines appear on her pregnancy test. How does a baby fit in with a hectic job, a chaotic social life, and the absence of Max, the Y chromosome in the equation, who has moved to San Francisco?

Support and dubious advice are provided by an unlikely group that gathers for a weekly coffee get-together at the King Street Cafe. With Debbie the glamorous man-eater, Andrew the fitness junkie, Anna the disaster-prone doctor, and Karen the statistically improbable happily married mother of three, Sophie discovers the ups and downs of motherhood. And when an unexpected business venture and a new man appear on the scene, it appears that just maybe there is life after a baby.

Written by two sisters who live on different continents, Kris Webb and Kathy Wilson, From Here to Maternity is a novel that tackles the balancing of motherhood, romance, and a career, while managing to be seriously funny.


Praise for From Here to Maternity

“A story best described as Bridget Jones has a baby.” —The Age (Australia)

“Written with both a breezy style and genuine warmth, From Here to Maternity is sure to please readers looking for their next Mommy-Lit fix.” —Lauren Baratz-Logsted, author of The Thin Pink Line

“Funny yet poignant. . . . A brilliant read.” —She Said (Australia)

“Combine an episode of Friends with a meeting of new mums who have lots of baby stories and you have From Here to Maternity. . . . Entertaining . . . Sophie and Max are such real characters that you can't help but care about them and how they deal with life's hiccups.” —Australian Booksellers & Publishers

“If you're a single new mother, and you want a book that will hold up a mirror to your life, then From Here to Maternity is for you . . . whether, as a single new mother, you'll be able to find time to read it is another matter!” —Asian Review of Books

“Funny, well written, and infused with warmth.” —The Australian Women's Weekly

“Sister writers Kris Webb and Kathy Watson have done well. From Here to Maternity is a lovely, fluent narrative. What's more, when it's funny, it is outrageously, belly-laugh funny.” —The Advertiser, four stars (Australia)

“Tackling confusion, rejection, and resilience, this novel is an enlightening and funny story of a mother who learns to love and treasure the tiny thing she was at first petrified of.” —The Examiner (Australia)

“Filled with wry insight, From Here to Maternity is about the search for balance.” —Gold Coast Bulletin (Australia)

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About the author

Kris Webb and Kathy Wilson

Kris Webb and Kathy Wilson are sisters who grew up in Brisbane. Kris worked as a lawyer for Walt Disney in Hong Kong until having her first child. She still lives there, with her husband and two daughters. Kathy worked as a marketing executive in Sydney and now has her own consulting firm in Brisbane, where she lives with her husband and son.

Kris Webb

Kris Webb

Kathy Wilson

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