All Authors : FSG Adult

Jostein Gaarder

Sophie's World; The Christmas Mystery; The Solitaire Mystery

Richard A. Gabriel

Crisis in Command; Military Incompetence; No More Heroes; Operation Peace

Rivka Galchen

American Innovations; Atmospheric Disturbances

Polly Gannon

The Symmetry Teacher

Arthur Ganz

Literary Terms

Petina Gappah

An Elegy for Easterly

Federico García Lorca

Blood Wedding; Bodas De Sangre; Collected Poems; La Casa de Bernarda Alba

Tristan Garcia

Hate: A Romance

Martin Gardner

Calculus Made Easy; The Whys of a Philosophical Scrivener; When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish

Leslie Garis

House of Happy Endings

Alex Garland


Anne Garrels

Naked in Baghdad

Laurie Garrett

The Coming Plague

Claudio Gatti

In the Eye of the Storm

Rick Geary

Classics Illustrated #1: Great Expectations; Classics Illustrated #14: Wuthering Heights; J. Edgar Hoover; Trotsky

Thomas Georgehegan

Which Side Are You On?

Amy Gerstler

Bitter Angel

Karl Gerth

As China Goes, So Goes the World

Mark Gevisser

A Legacy of Liberation; Lost and Found in Johannesburg

David Gewanter

Collected Poems

Zarah Ghahramani

My Life as a Traitor

Amitav Ghosh

River of Smoke; Sea of Poppies

Anthony Giardina

Norumbega Park; White Guys

Andre Gide


Tavia Gilbert

A Bigamist's Daughter; Franklin and Eleanor; Justice for Sara; Zoe's Tale

William Gildea

The Longest Fight

Rebecca Gilman

Blue Surge; Boy Gets Girl; Spinning into Butter; The Glory of Living

David Gilmour

Curzon; The Long Recessional; The Pursuit of Italy; The Ruling Caste

Lori D. Ginzberg

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Jean Giono

The Horseman on the Roof

Nikki Giovanni

Grand Mothers; Lincoln and Douglass; Rosa; Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Like My Sister Kate

Jean Giraudoux


Robert Giroux

One Art; The Collected Prose

Elisabeth Gitter

The Imprisoned Guest

Joseph T. Glatthaar

Forgotten Allies

Misha Glouberman

The Chairs Are Where the People Go

Louise Glück

A Village Life; Averno; Poems 1962-2012

Ben Goldacre

Bad Pharma; Bad Science

William Golding

Close Quarters; Darkness Visible; Fire Down Below; Rites of Passage

Paul Goldstein

Havana Requiem

Rebecca Goldstein

Late Summer Passion of a Woman of Mind

Jennifer Gonnerman

Life on the Outside

Dr. James Goodman

Blackout; Dis/agreeing Ireland

Jordan Goodman

The Devil and Mr. Casement

Jason Goodwin

An Evil Eye; Cooking with Yashim; Lords of the Horizons; The Baklava Club

Alison Gopnik

The Philosophical Baby

Nadine Gordimer

Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black; Get a Life; Jump and Other Stories; Life Times

Michael D. Gordin

Red Cloud at Dawn

Caroline Gordon

The Collected Stories of Caroline Gordon

Ariel Gore


Elliott J. Gorn

Mother Jones

Lisa Gornick


Vivian Gornick

Fierce Attachments; The Situation and the Story; The Solitude of Self

Robert Gottlieb

Great Expectations; Lives and Letters

Aram Goudsouzian

Down to the Crossroads

Emily Gould


Philip Gourevitch

A Cold Case; We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families

Dion Graham

Radiance of Tomorrow

David Grand

Mount Terminus

James Grant

Money of the Mind

James Graves

The Pine Barrens

Robert Graves

King Jesus; The White Goddess

Amelia Gray


John Gray

Black Mass; Straw Dogs; The Immortalization Commission; The Silence of Animals

Spalding Gray

It's a Slippery Slope; Life Interrupted; Morning, Noon and Night

Johnny Green

A Riot of Our Own

Richard Greenberg

Take Me Out; The Violet Hour

Melissa Fay Greene

No Biking in the House Without a Helmet; There Is No Me Without You

Lavinia Greenlaw

The Importance of Music to Girls

Andrew Sean Greer

How It Was for Me; The Confessions of Max Tivoli; The Path of Minor Planets; The Story of a Marriage

Germaine Greer

Kissing the Rod; The Obstacle Race

Geordie Greig

Breakfast with Lucian

Patrick Griffin

American Leviathan

Nicola Griffith

Cold Wind; Hild

William Grimes

Appetite City; My Fine Feathered Friend; Straight Up or On the Rocks

Eliza Griswold

The Tenth Parallel; Wideawake Field

Mac Griswold

The Manor: Three Centuries at a Slave Plantation on Long Island

David M. Gross

Fast Company

Robert A. Gross

The Minutemen and Their World

David Grossman

Be My Knife; Death as a Way of Life; Her Body Knows; See Under: LOVE

Jonathan Gruber

Health Care Reform

Durs Grünbein

Ashes for Breakfast; The Bars of Atlantis

Guy Gugliotta

Freedom's Cap

Stephen Adly Guirgis

Our Lady of 121st Street; The Last Days of Judas Iscariot; The Little Flower of East Orange

Thom Gunn

Boss Cupid; Collected Poems; Selected Poems; The Man with Night Sweats

Jian Guo


Philip F. Gura

American Transcendentalism; Jonathan Edwards; Truth's Ragged Edge

Rochelle Gurstein

The Repeal of Reticence

Harold Guskin

How to Stop Acting

D. D. Guttenplan

American Radical