All Authors : FSG Adult

Richard P. Rabatin

The Quotable Paul Johnson

Jonathan Rabb

Shadow and Light; The Second Son; Rosa

Jean Racine


Paul Raeburn

Do Fathers Matter?

Zia Haider Rahman

In the Light of What We Know

Amy Raphael

Mike Leigh on Mike Leigh

Adam Rapp

Nocturne; Stone Cold Dead Serious; The Year of Endless Sorrows; Red Light Winter

Luca Rastello

I Am the Market

Ben Ratliff

The Jazz Ear; Coltrane

Bill Rauch


Eric Rauchway

Murdering McKinley; Blessed Among Nations; Banana Republican

Thomas Rayfiel

Colony Girl

Kate Reading

Crossroads of Twilight; Emma's Secret; New Spring; The Eye of the World

Joan Reardon

Poet of the Appetites

Spencer Reece

The Road to Emmaus

Willy Peter Reese

A Stranger to Myself

Marcus Reeves

Somebody Scream!

Ed Regis

What Is Life?

Wilhelm Reich

Character Analysis; The Mass Psychology of Fascism; Listen, Little Man!; The Function of the Orgasm

Christopher Reid

Oratory in Action; Letters of Ted Hughes

Nelly Reifler

Elect H. Mouse State Judge

Theodor Reik

Listening with the Third Ear

James Renner

The Man from Primrose Lane

Quentin Reynolds

I, Willie Sutton; Courtroom

Simon Reynolds

Learning from Disasters; Retromania

Yasmina Reza

Life x 3; Art; Yasmina Reza: Plays 1; The God of Carnage

Feliciano Ribera

Mexican Americans/American Mexicans

Christopher Rice

The Improbability Principle

Elmer Rice

Elmer Rice: Three Plays

Nathaniel Rich

Odds Against Tomorrow

Amy Richards

Grassroots; Opting In; Manifesta [10th Anniversary Edition]

Heather S. Richardson

The Quotable Paul Johnson

Alexandra Richie

Warsaw 1944

Eugene Richie

Collected French Translations: Poetry; Collected French Translations: Prose

David Rieff

Reborn; As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh

Rainer Maria Rilke

Duino Elegies; New Poems; The Book of Images; Uncollected Poems

Christina Robb

This Changes Everything

Peter Robb

M; Midnight in Sicily

Paul William Roberts

River in the Desert; Journey of the Magi; The Demonic Comedy

Marilynne Robinson

Mother Country; Housekeeping; Gilead; The Death of Adam

Roxana Robinson

Cost; Sparta

Chris Rodley

Lynch on Lynch, Revised Edition

J. T. Rogers

The Overwhelming; Blood and Gifts

Joel Rogers

Right Turn

Arnold Rogow

A Fatal Friendship

Adam Rome

The Genius of Earth Day

Elizabeth Romer

The Tuscan Year

Kermit Roosevelt

In the Shadow of the Law

Phyllis Rose

The Shelf: From LEQ to LES: Adventures in Extreme Reading

Tricia Rose

Longing to Tell

Jonathan Rosen

The Talmud and the Internet; Eve's Apple; Joy Comes in the Morning; The Life of the Skies

Betsy Rosenberg

The Zigzag Kid

Emily Rosenberg

Spreading the American Dream

Rosalind Rosenberg

Divided Lives

Mort Rosenblum

Chocolate; Escaping Plato's Cave

Seth Rosenfeld


Neal I. Rosenthal

Reflections of a Wine Merchant

Alex Ross

The Rest Is Noise; Listen to This

Dennis Ross

The Missing Peace; Statecraft

Mark Rotella

Stolen Figs; Amore

Robert Rotenberg

The Guilty Plea; Old City Hall

Henry Roth

Requiem for Harlem; From Bondage; Call It Sleep

Marco Roth

The Scientists

Philip Roth

Letting Go; Philip Roth Reader; The Anatomy Lesson; The Breast

Davy Rothbart

My Heart Is an Idiot

David Rothkopf

Superclass; Power, Inc.

Prof. Ingrid D. Rowland

Giordano Bruno

Hazel Rowley

Franklin and Eleanor

Elliott Rudwick

From Plantation to Ghetto

Alan Rusbridger

Play It Again

Alan Ryan

Bertrand Russell

Witold Rybczynski

How Architecture Works