All Authors : FSG Adult

Fred Ebb

Colored Lights

Joe Eck

Elements of Garden Design; Our Life in Gardens; To Eat

Leon Edel

The Forties

Mike Edison

I Have Fun Everywhere I Go

Christopher Edley Jr.

Not All Black and White

Marc Egnal

Clash of Extremes

Max Egremont

Siegfried Sassoon; Forgotten Land; Some Desperate Glory

Barbara Ehrenreich

Blood Rites; The Snarling Citizen; Global Woman; Dancing in the Streets

Deborah Eisenberg

The Stories (So Far) of Deborah Eisenberg; Twilight of the Superheroes; All Around Atlantis; Under the 82nd Airborne

Martin Eisenstadt

I Am Martin Eisenstadt

Paul Elie

The Life You Save May Be Your Own; Reinventing Bach

T. S. Eliot

On Poetry and Poets

Warren Ellis

Dead Pig Collector; Normal - Installment 1; Normal - Installment 2

Robert Ellsberg

The Saints' Guide to Happiness

Bill Emmott

20:21 Vision

Davide Enia

On Earth as It Is in Heaven

Helen Epstein

The Invisible Cure

Michael Eskin

The Bars of Atlantis

Martin Esslin

An Anatomy of Drama

Marie Etienne

King of a Hundred Horsemen

Jeffrey Eugenides

Middlesex; The Virgin Suicides; The Marriage Plot




An Oresteia

Harry Eyres

Horace and Me