All Authors : FSG Adult

Steven W. Hackel

Junipero Serra

John Haffenden

Berryman's Shakespeare

Sebastian Haffner

Defying Hitler

David Hajdu

Lush Life; Positively 4th Street; The Ten-Cent Plague

Brian Hall

Stealing from a Deep Place; Travels in Southeastern Europe; The Saskiad

Donald Hall

Fathers Playing Catch with Sons

Rodney Hall

Captivity Captive; Kisses of the Enemy

Daniel Halpern

Writers on Artists

Ian Hamilton

Keepers of the Flame

Saskia Hamilton

Corridor; The Letters of Robert Lowell; Words in Air

Tim Hamilton

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

Robert Hammond

High Line

Abdellah Hammoudi

A Season in Mecca

Knut Hamsun

Hunger; Mysteries; Pan; Wayfarers

David J. Hand

The Improbability Principle

Peter Handke

A Sorrow Beyond Dreams; Absence; Across; Crossing the Sierra de Gredos

Jim Haner


Erik Fosnes Hansen

Psalm at Journey's End; Tales of Protection

Jonathan M. Hansen


Ron Hansen


Chad Harbach


James Harding

Alpha Dogs; The Rise of Performance Studies

Henry Hardy

The Proper Study of Mankind; The Sense of Reality

David Hare

Amy's View; Asking Around; Berlin/Wall; David Hare: Plays 1

Akiba Sullivan Harper

The Short Stories of Langston Hughes

Joel F. Harrington

The Faithful Executioner

Colin Harrison

Afterburn; Bodies Electric; Break and Enter; Manhattan Nocturne

David Harrower


Patrick Hart

Survival or Prophecy?; The School of Charity

Rupert Hart-Davis

The War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon

Saidiya Hartman

Lose Your Mother

James Harvey

Watching Them Be

John Haskell

American Purgatorio; I Am Not Jackson Pollock; Out of My Skin

Tupelo Hassman


Carlene Hatcher Polite

The Flagellants

Milton Hatoum

The Brothers

Jean Hatzfeld

Machete Season; The Antelope's Strategy

Roger Hausheer

The Proper Study of Mankind

Ehud Havazelet

Bearing the Body

Peter Hawkins

The Poets' Dante

Daisy Hay

Young Romantics

Brian Hayes

Group Theory in the Bedroom, and Other Mathematical Diversions

Shirley Hazzard

Cliffs of Fall; Greene on Capri; People in Glass Houses; The Bay of Noon

Marie Heaney

Over Nine Waves

Seamus Heaney

Crediting Poetry; Death of a Naturalist; District and Circle; Door into the Dark

Larry Heinemann

Paco's Story

Andrew Helfer

Malcolm X; Ronald Reagan

Zoë Heller

Everything You Know; Notes on a Scandal; What Was She Thinking?

Lillian Hellman

The Selected Letters of Anton Chekhov

Alan Helms

Young Man from the Provinces

Aleksandar Hemon

The Book of My Lives

Bill Henderson

Her Father

Eleanor Henderson

Labor Day: True Birth Stories by Today’s Best Women Writers

Timothy J. Henderson

A Glorious Defeat; The Mexican Wars for Independence

Brent Hendricks

A Long Day at the End of the World

Jonathan Hennessey

The United States Constitution

Robert Henryson

The Testament of Cresseid and Seven Fables

Philip Hensher

King of the Badgers; Scenes from Early Life; The Missing Ink

William L. Iggiagruk Hensley

Fifty Miles from Tomorrow

Will Hermes

Love Goes to Buildings on Fire

Hayden Herrera

Arshile Gorky

Mark Hertsgaard

The Eagle's Shadow

Abraham Joshua Heschel

A Passion for Truth; God in Search of Man; Insecurity of Freedom; Israel: An Echo of Eternity

Susannah Heschel

Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity

Hermann Hesse

Beneath the Wheel; Crisis; Demian; Gertrude

Sheila Heti

How Should a Person Be?; The Chairs Are Where the People Go; Ticknor

Thomas Hettche

The Arbogast Case

Mary Higgins

Passion of Youth

Mary Boyd Higgins

Where's the Truth?

David Hilfiker, M.D.

Not All of Us Are Saints

Thomas Hine

The Great Funk

David Hinton

Classical Chinese Poetry

Andrea Hirata

The Rainbow Troops

Kathleen Hirsch

A Sabbath Life; Mothers

Aaron Hirsh

Telling Our Way to the Sea

Henry Hitchings

Defining the World; Samuel Johnson; Sorry!; The Language Wars

Peter Høeg

Borderliners; Smilla's Sense of Snow; Tales of the Night; The History of Danish Dreams

Alice Hoffman

Property Of

Michael Hofmann

After Ovid; Green; Selected Poems; Twentieth-Century German Poetry

Desmond Hogan

A Link with the River

Hal Holbrook

Harold: The Boy Who Became Mark Twain

Mark Hollmann


Bob Holman

Aloud; Crossing State Lines

Michael Holroyd

A Book of Secrets; A Strange Eventful History; On Wheels

Michael F. Holt

Franklin Pierce; The Fate of Their Country

Thomas C. Holt

Children of Fire

Woody Holton

Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution


The Iliad; The Odyssey

Mark Honigsbaum

Living with Enza; Valverde's Gold


The Epistles of Horace

Paul Horgan

Lamy of Santa Fe; Of America East and West

Simonetta Agnello Hornby

The Almond Picker; The Marchesa

Jed Horne

Desire Street

Chuck Horner

The Vietnam War

Eli Horowitz

The Silent History

Morton J. Horwitz

The Warren Court and the Pursuit of Justice

Jay Hosler


Karen Houppert

The Curse

Richard Howard

Inner Voices; Paper Trail

William L. Howarth

The John McPhee Reader

Georgina Howell

Gertrude Bell

Keith Huff

A Steady Rain

Maryalice Huggins

Aesop's Mirror

Langston Hughes

I Wonder as I Wander; Simple's Uncle Sam; The Best of Simple; The Big Sea

Ted Hughes

A Choice of Shakespeare's Verse; Alcestis; Birthday Letters; Collected Poems

Michelle Huneven

Blame; Off Course

Michael H. Hunt

Lyndon Johnson's War

Jim Hunter

Tom Stoppard

Lindsay Hunter

Don't Kiss Me

Andrew Hussey

Paris; The French Intifada

Megan Hustad

More Than Conquerors

Lewis Hyde

Common as Air; The Essays of Henry D. Thoreau; Trickster Makes This World