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On Being Stalked

James Lasdun


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Give Me Everything You Have chronicles author James Lasdun’s strange and harrowing ordeal at the hands of a former student, a self-styled “verbal terrorist,” who began trying, in her words, to “ruin him.” Hate mail, online postings, and public accusations of plagiarism and sexual misconduct were her weapons of choice and, as with more conventional terrorist weapons, proved remarkably difficult to combat. James Lasdun’s account, while terrifying, is told with compassion and humor, and brilliantly succeeds in turning a highly personal story into a profound meditation on subjects as varied as madness, race, Middle East politics, and the meaning of honor and reputation in the Internet age.

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James Lasdun

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What happens when your student becomes a cyberstalker?

James Lasdun answers that question on Joy Behar's Say Anything! on Current TV.

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James Lasdun on the Granta podcast

James Lasdun talks about his most recent memoir, Give Me Everything You Have, about being stalked by a fomer writng student.

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Praise for Give Me Everything You Have

“Smart, rigorous, and beautifully written.”—The New York Times

“A fierce and compelling memoir.”—Maureen Corrigan, NPR’s Fresh Air

“This must be the most informative, the most insightful, and the most beautifully written of any account from the victim’s perspective of what has come to be called cyberbullying.”—Joyce Carol Oates

“One of those books that made me grateful for subway delays, so much did I want the excuse to keep reading it....A rigorous and moving and very elegantly wrought examination of obsession, relentlessness, power, envy, and ambition.”—Rebecca Mead,’s Page-Turner

“Fascinating and eminently readable...An astute meditation on anti-Semitism, online harassment, the nature of obsession, and the power of the written word....[Lasdun’s] measured narrative has the suspense of a psychological thriller.”—The Economist



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‘Give Me Everything You Have,’ by James Lasdun -
James Lasdun describes the experience of being stalked by a disturbed former student.
- The New York Times

Meet the author: James Lasdun
From his first story collection, "Delirium Eclipse," to his most recent novel, "Seven Lies," James Lasdun's fiction often has dealt with the unsettling surprises life sends our way. Imagining such t
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James Lasdun's Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked -
James Lasdun's new book is a harrowing tale about an online stalker who pledges to ruin him.
- The Wall Street Journal

James Lasdun’s stalking memoir, Give Me Everything You Have, reviewed. - Slate Magazine
In the fall of 2003, James Lasdun was teaching writing at a New York City school he calls Morgan College when he met a student he calls Nasreen. She was in her 30s and she seemed reserved—shy or aloof, Lasdun thought. The work she presented for discussion (excerpts from a...
- Slate

'I Will Ruin Him' - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
'A cyberstalked novelist traces the evolution of his aggressor’s flirty-turned-fierce digital attacks.'
- The Chronicle Review

Book Review: Give Me Everything You Have | Books & Authors | Chronogram
Robert Burke Warren reviews <i>Give me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked<i> by James Lasdun.
- Chronogram

Review: Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked, by James Lasdun | The Outlet: the Blog of Electric Literature
A review of the new memoir, Give Me Everything You Have, by James Lasdun. Reviewed by Bonnie Altucher
- Electric Literature

Malice Without Cause: James Lasdun’s Memoir of Being Stalked - The Daily Beast
When novelist James Lasdun found himself the victim of a stalker, he had no way to stop it. Emma Garman on his terrifying new memoir.
- The Daily Beast

“Give Me Everything You Have”: Stalked! -
A writing teacher describes his years-long ordeal as the object of a former student's hate-filled obsession
- Salon

“Give Me Everything You Have” by James Lasdun - Books - The Boston Globe
“Give Me Everything You Have” tells the agonising tale of how, after James Lasdun rejected one of his student’s romantic advances, their mildly flirtatious exchange escalated into a prolonged -- and still ongoing (!) -- one-sided campaign of verbal terrorism against him. Most of it directed over the Internet. Traces of it still molder on websites like decaying uranium.
- The Boston Globe

Give Me Everything You Have - The Barnes & Noble Review
Animals caught in leg-hold traps have been known to go so far as to chew off their own limbs to get free. Ensnare a writer and he does his own versio
- The B&N Review

Writer tells chilling tale about the fear and helplessness of being stalked - The Globe and Mail
James Lasdun’s memoir covers the scary subject of celebrity stalking with emotional and intellectual depth
- Globe & Mail

Reviewed: Give Me Everything You Have by James Lasdun
Obsession in the age of the internet.
- New Statesman

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About the Author

James Lasdun

James Lasdun was born in London and now lives in upstate New York. He has published two novels, including It's Beginning to Hurt, as well as several collections of short stories and poetry. He has been longlisted for the Man Booker Prize and shortlisted for the Los Angeles Times, T. S. Eliot, and Forward prizes in poetry, and he was the winner of the inaugural BBC National Short Story Award. His nonfiction has been published in Harper’s Magazine, Granta, and the London Review of Books.

James Lasdun

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James Lasdun

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Give Me Everything You Have
On Being Stalked
James Lasdun


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