Global Warring

How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises Will Redraw the World Map

Cleo Paskal

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In a perfect storm, the environment, the global economic system and geopolitics are all undergoing rapid, uncontrolled change. In the same way that the climate is in a state of flux, exhibiting erratic behavior before settling into a new norm, in the wake of the global economic crisis, many of the assumptions about the Western economic system have been destroyed, which leads to some troubling questions:


How vulnerable is the United States to more devastating hurricanes like Katrina? 


What will the opening of the Arctic mean for Russian access into North American waters?


Will China's lack of clean, fresh water undermine its global ambitions?


Will India's increasingly erratic monsoon affect its economic growth?


Global Warring takes a hard look at these questions. Journalist and analyst Cleo Paskal identifies problem areas that are most likely to start wars, destroy economies and create failed states. Examining the most likely environmental change scenarios, she illuminates the ways in which they could radically alter human existence. A fascinating tour through our uncertain future, Global Warring also offers a controversial new way forward for the global economy and the worldwide environmental crisis.



Praise for Global Warring

"Cleo Paskal is original and compelling; a pioneering scholar of the new terrain where climate change confronts national security, she charts the dramatic implications not just for the game of nations but for their geographic borders, their resources and their fundamental interests." -- Martin Walker, senior director of the Global Business Policy Council and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of United Press International.

"Cleo Paskal's mastery over geopolitics has been fused to a remarkable understanding of just how the coming geophysical changes may affect our planet. This is the fist comprehensive view of the real consequences of environmental change." -- M D Nalapat, UNESCO Peace Chair and director of the Department of Geopolitics, Manipal University, India 

“Cleo Paskal's vividly illustrates the complex interconnections between climate change, environmental conditions, and energy security. Rather than just take a global view, she also demonstrates how environmental changes will impact the lives of people across the globe.” --Chad Briggs, Senior Advisor, Energy and Environmental Security Directorate. US Department of Energy.


“In a field beset by hyperbole on the one hand, and complacency on the other, Cleo Paskal's work provides a refreshing, well-grounded and highly readable take on geopolitics and environmental change in the twenty-first century.” --Jeffrey Mazo, International Institute for Strategic Studies

"[Paskal] writes with the power of a journalist underpinned by the research habits of an academic. . . . She has for years contributed learned articles on how rising sea levels may change international borders with major implications. Her latest book arrives with the clarity and importance of the crack of doom." --Tom Spencer, executive director, European Centre for Public Affairs

"Cleo Paskal in her authoritative new book uses historical examples and modern climate science to draw parallels with 21st century geopolitics which is giving rise to climatepolitics. Paskal's extensive examination points to the uncomfortable conclusion that every country and continent will be seriously impacted by environmental changes this century. The idea that somehow the US and the rest of the developed world will be shielded from the impacts of global heating is patently false." --Jerry Cope, Huffington Post

"Unlike so many other books on the subject, Paskal doesn't limit her scope to the catastrophic environmental damage that climate change could wreak. Instead, she expands her scope to provide a thorough and detailed explanation of how this looming environmental crisis will impact global security and the geopolitical status quo. Global Warring is a pleasure to read, even though its message is distressing. It is neither a sabre-rattling activist's rant nor a dreary policy tome, although it contains the most significant aspects of each. It is a book that makes the reader sit up and take notice and, with luck, take action." --David Leonard, Quill & Quire

"The melding of realpolitik and international relations with climate change is what makes Global Warring deserving of attention. . . highly readable and perceptive. [A] very important book."--Nature

"If melting ice animates environmentalists, it also galvanizes the thoughts of geostrategists such as Paskal… in this provocative overview of the future of international politics. Rising sea levels and shifting precipitation patterns also auger implications that Paskal elucidates with sardonic readability."--Booklist

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  • Cleo Paskal

  • Cleo Paskal is an associate fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London, as well as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Energy's Global Energy and Environment Strategic Ecosystem. She is adjunct faculty at Manipal University, India and SCMS, India. Global Warring won the Grantham Prize and the Mavis Gallant Non-Fiction Prize. She is also an award winning journalist who has contributed to a wide range of publications including The Economist, The Times and the Chicago Tribune, has hosted BBC radio shows, and wrote an Emmy winning documentary series.


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Global Warring

How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises Will Redraw the World Map

Cleo Paskal