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Golf & Life

Jack Nicklaus with Dr. John Tickell

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How did Jack Nicklaus become a legend?

Nicklaus's life is one of extraordinary achievement: Not only did Jack Nicklaus win eighteen PGA Tour Majors, and eight Senior PGA Tour Majors during his one hundred victories worldwide, but he also gained fame as a golf course designer and goodwill ambassador.

Internationally acclaimed speaker and specialist medical practitioner Dr. John Tickell was one of millions in awe of the achievements of Jack Nicklaus. He wanted to know the secrets of the great man's enormous success in golf and life. When Dr. Tickell met Jack Nicklaus, he was given many insights into both the physical and mental demands of Nickalus's accomplishments. In this book Dr. Tickell interviews Jack Nicklaus about his remarable success and illustrates the how and the why of that success.

Dr. Tickell asked Jack Nicklaus to help him design a golf course. They combined their talents to build a championship course at the Heritage Golf and Country Club in Melbourne, Australia. During their time together, Nicklaus shared with Dr. Tickell the Four Principles of Greatness and other pointers to success. They spent many hours together discussing life and golf, golf and life, and now share with you those lessons on how to become a better golfer and, more important, a better human being.

This book presents seventy-two lessons on golf and life from a man who has consistently reached the top of the mountain in all aspects of life. It will motivate and uplift you--and quite possibly shave a few strokes off your game as well.


Praise for Golf & Life

“Dr. John, the evaluation sheets said it all...ten out of ten! Your ability to re-ignite our desire to enhance our lives and strengthen our willpower was most impressive--again, congratulations.” —General Motors

“I highly recommend the doctor.” —General Norman Schwartzkopf

“Outstanding! Professional, funny, enthusiastic and inspirational. Pitched at exactly the right level for our clients at our Corporate Golf Day Lunch. Our thanks to Dr. Tickell for yet another sensational program.” —Compaq

“I've never seen someone change peoples' lives in 60 minutes and be more fun than Seinfeld.” —Beth Jacobs, NAIFA, Nashville Tennesse

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About the author

Jack Nicklaus with Dr. John Tickell

Jack Nicklaus is widely considered the best golfer the game has ever seen. He has been a consistent winner as an amateur, a pro, and a senior. He lives with his wife, Barbara, in North Palm Beach, Florida.

John Tickell, M.D., is an international course corporate and conference speaker, who specializes in health, stress management, and how to balance the priorities in life.

Jack Nicklaus

John Tickell

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