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Hangman Blind

Hangman Blind

Abbess Hildegard of Meaux (Volume 1)

Cassandra Clark

Minotaur Books



In November 1382, the month of the dead, Abbess Hildegard rides out for York from the Abbey of Meaux. This is no ordinary journey—it is a time of rival popes, a boy king, and a shaky peace in the savage aftermath of Wat Tyler's murder—and Hildegard has embarked on a perilous mission to try to secure the future of her priory.

Traveling alone, she discovers danger, encountering first a gibbet with five bloodied corpses and then the body of a youth, brutally butchered. Who was the boy, how was he connected to the men hanging from the gibbet, and what do these gruesome deaths mean? Hildegard is determined to uncover the truth, no matter how terrible it may be. When even her childhood home, Castle Hutton, turns out not to be a safe haven from murder, Hildegard realizes she will have to summon all of her courage and wisdom to counter the dark forces that threaten her friends and family as well as her country.


Praise for Hangman Blind

"Medievalists rejoice! ... Clark may well do for Yorkshire in the age of Chaucer what Michael Jecks has done for Devonshire." - Publishers Weekly

"Deeply embedded in the historical events of the period, this is a rich tapestry; even the small figures are finely detailed and carefully situated in a dazzling array of events. An intriguing and evocative debut." - Kirkus Reviews

"Clark's prose is flawless." - Daily Telegraph

"Hildegard is an engaging protagonist, sensible, kindly, resourceful and believable... Fans of historical crime will relish this first adventure in a series featuring the enterprising Abbess of Meaux." - The Guardian

"Cleverly plotted, this is a gripping novel full of twists and turns...brings a turbulent period of history to life." - Choice Magazine

"CSI meets the 14th century." - Historical Novels Review

"Clark capably draws out the turmoil of rebellion and fealty boiling under Richard II's insecure reign." - FT Weekend

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