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Haunted Homeland

Haunted Homeland

A Definitive Collection of North American Ghost Stories

Haunted America (Volume 4)

Michael Norman

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Trade Paperback

Haunted Homeland is a comprehensive collection of true ghostly tales, not penned by fictioneers such as Poe and King, but passed on by word of mouth and preserved by memory as windows to our nation's haunted past.

From a haunted castle in the wilds of Alaska to phantom clergymen in the southwest and mysterious bouncing lights on the east coast, this latest volume covers the places, the people, and the things that belong to the earthbound realm of the fantastic.

Norman has gathered together spectral events of all kinds: apparitions of the famous like Mary Surratt, Mary Todd Lincoln, and Mad Anthony Wayne, haunted crime scenes in Chicago and along the Indiana byways, as well as banshees, poltergeists, and even a ghost named George who has become an accepted resident in a North Carolina home.

These anecdotes are not the stuff of imaginary nightmares, but of tales of personal encounters with the haunted parts of America.


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About the author

Michael Norman

Michael Norman is a writer and retired journalism professor who lives in an absolutely unhaunted house near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul. He collaborated with Beth Scott on the five previous books in the Haunted America series.

Michael Norman

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