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Hazy Bloom and the Tomorrow Power

Hazy Bloom and the Tomorrow Power

Hazy Bloom

Jennifer Hamburg; illustrated by Jenn Harney

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)



One perfectly ordinary afternoon, a vision flashes through third-grader Hazel “Hazy” Bloom’s mind—of flying peas. The next day in the school cafeteria, a food fight erupts that involves the very same airborne veggie. After one or two more seemingly silly visions come true in unexpected ways, Hazy realizes she has a strange new power to foresee a visual clue about trouble that’s on its way within twenty-four hours. But seeing is not always understanding, and headstrong Hazy quickly discovers that “tomorrow power” sometimes only gives her the ability to make a hilarious mess of things instead of saving the day.




The first vision I ever had came on Sunday, and I know this because I was staring at the fridge.

Well, not just the plain old fridge, because that would be weird.

I was staring...


Praise for Hazy Bloom and the Tomorrow Power

“This series starter strikes a nice balance between drama and levity . . . Hazy may well be a match for Beverly Cleary’s spunky Ramona Quimby.” —Booklist

“Hazy's irrepressible, hilarious narration (punctuated with exclamation points and spelling vocabulary words she likes and dislikes) proves fast-paced and amusing . . . Likely to engage the primary school set with its madcap humor and unpredictable heroine.” —Kirkus

“This quickly paced tale features a well-developed main character and lots of funny scenes . . . Hazy’s voice is unique, and her quirky personality is showcased on every page . . . Harney’s pictures are charming and add to the humor of the story.” —School Library Journal

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About the author

Jennifer Hamburg; illustrated by Jenn Harney

Jennifer Hamburg is an Emmy-winning children’s television writer who has written for hit shows such as Doc McStuffins, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Super Why! She is the author of several picture books, including A Moose that Says Moo, and lives with her family in Houston, Texas.

Jenn Harney is an illustrator and toy designer who lives in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Jennifer Hamburg

Nicole Ivey

Jenn Harney

Jenn Harney

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Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)

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