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Hello to All That

Hello to All That

A Memoir of Zoloft, War, and Peace

John Falk



Trade Paperback

His own chemistry was his worst enemy, and it took John Falk to some very strange places--from Garden City, Long Island, to sniper-infested Sarajevo during the Bosnian bloodbath. But through it all, in the face of chronic depression, Falk kept reaching out for the life he'd always wanted. Hello to All That is his story--crazed, comic, poignant, suspenseful, and hopeful.


Praise for Hello to All That

“A searingly funny and moving account.” —Men's Journal

Hello to All That is a testament to the strength and breadth of the memoir genre, a seemingly impossible match of subjects that turns into a riveting, raucous, and unforgettable reading experience. . . . [It] seems destined to achieve classic cult status, recognized for its huge artistic risks and unexpected dividends.” —Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Haunting.” —The New York Times

“Manages to be both poignant and irresistibly funny at the same time . . . A brilliant, moving, hilarious, and altogether completely original memoir that will undoubtedly go down as an instant classic.” —Sebastian Junger

“[A] riveting chronicle.” —Elle

“A complex and compelling tale . . . Harrowing.” —Portland Tribune

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About the author

John Falk

John Falk is a law school graduate and freelance journalist. An article he wrote for Details magazine, entitled "Shot Through the Heart," became an HBO movie and won a Peabody Award for Best Cable Movie of the Year. He lives in New York City.

John Falk

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