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Here's My Card

Here's My Card

How to Network Using Your Business Card to Actually Create More Business

Bob Popyk; Read by the author

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ISBN: 9781593972233


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How many business cards have you given out over the years? How many have you received? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands? How many of those people do you stay in touch with on a regular basis?/ You could probably count them on your fingers. The rest were the people who were happy to give you their card during a few magic moments when your lives crossed. And then they were gone. Vanished. Never heard from again. Maybe you did business with them. Maybe you didn't. Maybe there was a reason, even if it was fleeting. Now if all of those people who gave you all of those cards don't call, don't write, or don't contact you in any way, think of the enormous opportunity you have if you contact them. You do the networking. You do the schmoozing. You develop and maintain your own platinum pipeline. You control your own golden database that could result in a lifetime supply of business. Business cards are a start. Personal linking is what makes things happen. If there's no follow-through, nothing happens. That's what this book is really about.


Praise for Here's My Card

“Probably the very best book on business card networking ever written!” —Norm Poltenson, The Business Journal

“Read this book before you even think about handing out another business card!” —Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

“If you want something to take your business up a notch, this book hits the target dead-center. It might be business card basics, but it's clever networking at its best. Read it before your competition does.” —Lou Holtz, legendary former Notre Dame football coach and author of Winning Every Day

“Entertaining, practical, clever, creative, and especially BELIEVABLE advice for increasing business through business card networking. Here is more of the Popyk magic at its best!” —Bob Moffit, vice-president, Kawasaki Motors Corp.

“Wow! This book is the most complete, easy to implement and practical guide for every person who has business cards. Its a banquet of ideas. In fact, it should be required reading for anyone in business.” —Susan RoAne, bestselling author of How to Work a Room and The Secrets of Savvy Networking

“Bob Popyk has turned a simple business card into a multi-faceted marketing tool. After reading Here's My Card, you'll certainly stop and think of the opportunities which abound next time you hand someone your card. Great material for every sales and marketing professional!” —Dennis M. Houlihan, president, Roland Corporation U.S.

About the author

Bob Popyk; Read by the author

Bob Popyk is an author and speaker on sales and marketing strategies. He is also president of Bentley-Hall, Inc., publishers of the Creative Selling newsletter. His monthly column appears in many national trade and industry magazines.

Bob Popyk

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