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His Cold Feet

His Cold Feet

A Guide for the Woman Who Wants to Tie the Knot with the Guy Who Wants to Talk About It Later

Andrea Passman Candell with Cheryl Fenton

St. Martin's Griffin



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Finally, a book that offers a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when she is ready to tie the knot and he prefers to talk about it later. His Cold Feet is a collection of stories, commentaries, and practical advice that will ultimately create a bridge between women and men, enabling each to better understand the other's experience when facing a marriage commitment. His Cold Feet is the ultimate guide and a definite must-read for the woman who feels stuck in neutral within her relationship.

In His Cold Feet, you'll find:

• Advice on how to have "the talk"

• How to deal with the dreaded "When are you two getting married?"

• The scoop on ultimatums

• A man's perspective on popping the question

• How to manage "pre-engagement limbo"

• How to find out what's really behind his cold feet

• When to walk away

And lots of other crucial, sanity-saving advice.



My husband and I were sharing a milk shake at our favorite veggie burger place in San Francisco when it happened. Right at the table next to us, a woman (let's call her Jane) and her boyfriend were talking about getting married....


Praise for His Cold Feet

"Candell's advice is straightforward and honest, and the real-life stories she uses to illustrate her book will ring true for any woman who's ever asked herself 'What's taking him so long?'" —Doug Gordon, author of The Engaged Groom

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About the author

Andrea Passman Candell with Cheryl Fenton

Andrea Passman Candell, M.A., has a masters in counseling psychology and is a relationship coach specializing in pre-engagement issues. She launched the popular Web site in 2005 and has been featured on CBS and in The Wall Street Journal, Modern Bride, the Boston Herald, the Chicago Sun-Times, and others. She lives in Marin County, California, with her husband, Scot, and their son.

Andrea Passman Candell

Andrea Passman Candell

Cheryl Fenton

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