All Authors : Holt Adult

David L. Faigman

Laboratory of Justice; Legal Alchemy

John Falk

Hello to All That

Susan Faludi

The Terror Dream

John Mack Faragher

Daniel Boone

Donna Farhi

Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit; The Breathing Book

Stephan Faris


Anthony Fauci

A Goal of Service to Humankind

Sebastian Faulks

A Possible Life; Jeeves and the Wedding Bells

Joshua Max Feldman

The Book of Jonah

Hali Felt


Jim Fergus

One Thousand White Women; The Sporting Road; A Hunter's Road

Steve Fiffer

Tyrannosaurus Sue

Orlando Figes

Natasha's Dance; The Crimean War; The Whisperers; Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991

Howard E. Figler, Ph.D.

Complete Job-Search Handbook

Paul Finkelman

Millard Fillmore

Norman G. Finkelstein

A Nation on Trial

Tibor Fischer

Under the Frog

Helen Fisher

Why We Love; Why Him? Why Her?

Paul Fisher

House of Wits

Gerry FitzGerald

Redemption Mountain

Ari Fliakos

The Inquisitor; Black Site; How Stella Saved the Farm; Tier One Wild

Kevin Flynn

102 Minutes

Mignon Fogarty

The Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips to Clean Up Your Writing; Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing; Grammar Girl Presents the Ultimate Writing Guide for Students; The Grammar Devotional

Ari Folman

Waltz with Bashir

Byrne Fone


Eliza Foss

Ultimate Fitness; Hide Yourself Away; Dancing in the Dark; Eating, Drinking, Overthinking

Don Foster

Author Unknown

John W. Fountain

The God Who Embraced Me

Edward Fox

Sacred Geography

Paula Fox

Borrowed Finery; The Coldest Winter

Philip L. Fradkin

Magnitude 8

Lauren Francis-Sharma

'Til the Well Runs Dry

Thomas Frank

What's the Matter with Kansas?; The Wrecking Crew; Pity the Billionaire

Jon Franklin

The Wolf in the Parlor

Douglas Frantz

Celebration, U.S.A.

Caroline Fraser

God's Perfect Child; Rewilding the World

Michael Frayn

Headlong; The Trick of It; Spies; The Copenhagen Papers

Patrick Frederic

Physical; George H. W. Bush

Adam Freedman

Quick and Dirty Tips for Life After College; The Party of the First Part

Peter Fritzsche

Berlinwalks/Four Intimate Walking Tours of Berlin's Most Historic Neighborhoods, With Maps, Photos, and a Select List of Restaurants, Hotels, and Mor

David Fromkin

A Peace to End All Peace

Erich Fromm

Escape from Freedom; The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness; The Sane Society; Man for Himself

Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken; You Come Too; The Poetry of Robert Frost; Birches

Walter Futterweit, M.D.

A Patient's Guide to PCOS