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Honeymoon with My Brother

Honeymoon with My Brother

A Memoir

Franz Wisner

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

This is the true story of Franz Wisner, a man who thought he had it all- a high profile career and the fiancée of his dreams- when suddenly, his life turned upside down. Just days before they were to be married, his fiancée called off the wedding. Luckily, his large support network of family and friends wouldn't let him succumb to his misery. They decided Franz should have a wedding and a honeymoon anyway- there just wouldn't be a bride at the ceremony, and Franz' travel companion would be his brother, Kurt.

During the "honeymoon," Franz reconnected with his brother and began to look at his life with newfound perspective. The brothers decided to leave their old lives behind them. They quit their jobs, sold all their possessions, and traveled around the world, visiting fifty-three countries for the next two years. In Honeymoon With My Brother, Franz recounts this remarkable journey, during which he turned his heartbreak into an opportunity to learn about himself, the world, and the brother he hardly knew.



Amid the pine tree windbreaks and foamy Pacific shore, Sea Ranch, California, is a wonderful place to be dumped. The wild lilac and ill-tempered sea lions--they'll distract your attention for at least a few minutes after...


Praise for Honeymoon with My Brother

“Written in a clear, conversational style, the book combines all the elements of a love story, a rediscovered brother-to-brother relationship, a travelogue and an adventure story--told against the backdrop of a strong and supportive family.” —THE SACRAMENTO BEE

“Fun, well-paced and exceptional read.” —OC METRO

“[Wisner] is a gifted storyteller with a flair for defining the describing details of people and places.” —COAST magazine

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About the author

Franz Wisner

Franz Wisner is a writer/vagabond who, in a previous reincarnation, used to work as a lobbyist, a public relations executive, and a government press secretary. During his world journeys, he published numerous travel articles and opinion pieces, which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, ABC News on-line, and Coast Magazine, among others. Franz and his brother, Kurt, are currently traveling the globe for their next book, also with St. Martin's Press.

Franz Wisner

Franz Wisner

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