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How the World Makes Love

How the World Makes Love

. . . And What It Taught a Jilted Groom

Franz Wisner

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The bestselling author of Honeymoon with My Brother hits the road again to learn about love and finally finds it closer to home
When you've been jilted at the altar and forced to take your pre-paid honeymoon with your brother, it's fair to say you could learn a thing or two about love. And that's what Franz Wisner sets out to do—traveling the globe with a mission: to discover the planet's most important love lessons and see if they can rescue him from the ruins of his own love life. Even after months on the road, he's still not sure he's found the secret. But a disastrous date with a Los Angeles actress and single mom keeps popping into Franz's head. While researching ideal love, could he have missed a bigger truth: that something unplanned and implausible could actually make him happy?

Uproarious, tender, and studded with eye-opening insights on love, How the World Makes Love is the story of one average man's search for happiness—a search that turns into an improbable love story in the author's own backyard.


Chapter One

The Professional Dumpee

Only in America can a person get dumped at the altar and turn it into a career.

I discovered this verity thanks to Jennifer Wilbanks, the wild-eyed...


Praise for How the World Makes Love

“In 2005, the author was jilted at the altar and turned the experience into the memoir Honeymoon With My Brother. In this follow-up, the bros decide to hit the road again, this time researching how countries around the world (including Nicaragua, New Zealand and India) value love. This quirky and charming book not only gives you insight into the male mind but also makes you want to explore your own notions of what love means.” —Redbook

“Here's another provocatively titled book from the author of the unexpected hit Honeymoon with My Brother (2005). After he was ditched at the altar, the author decided to take his honeymoon anyway (hey, it was already paid for). He enlisted his brother, Kurt, to accompany him, and then he wrote a book about the experience. Now he's written a follow-up, in which he and his brother visit various foreign countries-- including Brazil, Egypt, India, and Botswana--and talk to people about love, romance, sex, and other related subjects. The book is all at once a travelogue, an exploration of the notion of love, and a story about a man who has somehow managed to turn a humiliating personal experience into a new kind of life. Wisner is a very funny writer when the situation calls for it, but he can also be tender, thoughtful, and wise. A must-read for fans of Honeymoon with My Brother, but the book works just fine as a stand-alone, too.” —Booklist

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About the author

Franz Wisner

FRANZ WISNER got dumped at the altar and turned the experience into a career. Wisner has written for a variety of publications, including The Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. He lives in Connecticut.

Franz Wisner

Franz Wisner

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