How to Make Friends and Oppress People

Classic Travel Advice for the Gentleman Adventurer

Vic Darkwood

Thomas Dunne Books

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No traveler to date has matched the intrepid 19th-century gentleman for his bravery, derring-do, and ability to make a perfect cup of tea in the most malarial of climes. But the sun has set on the golden age of exploration, and the records of these fearless, mustachioed adventurers have vanished from the shelves. In their place have appeared timorous travel guides written by authors who could hardly locate Rhodesia on a classroom globe let alone comment on the proper etiquette of an Italian duel.
Now, with the publication of Vic Darkwood’s How to Make Friends and Oppress People, at long last today's aspiring adventurers can avail themselves of the best of classic travel advice on such invaluable topics as:
-Using Anthills as Ovens
-Hunting Elephants and Hippos with a Javelin
-Sleeping on a Billiard Table as a Means of Avoiding Vermin
-Digging a Well with a Pointy Stick
Fully illustrated with over 150 drawings and woodcuts, this inestimable collection of wisdom drawn from actual 19th- and early 20th-century guidebooks will prove essential to any traveler looking to enjoy his excursion abroad or hoping to avoid death at the hands of inhospitable natives.

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Praise for How to Make Friends and Oppress People

"Vic Darkwood has surpassed himself with a collection of gems that
often seem too ludicrous to be true - but are all genuine. Pieced
together with Darkwood's inimitable wit it makes for a riotous read” 
--Sunday Express
"These sons of the Empire have taken many good kickings before -
notably from Peter Cook, Monty Python and the cartoonist Glenn Baxter -
but it is worth being reminded of their snobbery, xenophobia and
sublime idiocy"
--Daily Telegraph
"When the oil has run out and air travel is nothing but a memory, the
advice in Vic Darkwood's [How to Make Friends and Oppress People] will come into its own again"
--The Times

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About the Author

Vic Darkwood

VIC DARKWOOD is a writer, traveler and bon viveur, whose past projects include co-founding The Chap magazine in 1998 and co-writing several tomes, including The Chap Manifesto and Around the World in Eighty Martinis. Mr. Darkwood is currently working on a concise history of marmalade. He is married to Mrs. Darkwood, with no issue.

Vic Darkwood


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How to Make Friends and Oppress People
Classic Travel Advice for the Gentleman Adventurer
Vic Darkwood

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e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
Thomas Dunne Books
April 2014
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781466868847
ISBN10: 1466868848
256 pages, Includes over 150 blackand-white illustrations throughout

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