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Human Cargo

Human Cargo

A Journey Among Refugees

Caroline Moorehead



Trade Paperback

National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist

Traveling for nearly two years and across four continents, Caroline Moorehead takes readers on a journey to understand why millions of people are forced to abandon their homes, possessions, and families in order to find a place where they may, quite literally, be allowed to live. Moorehead's experience living and working with refugees puts a human face on the news, providing unforgettable portraits of the refugees she meets in Cairo, Guinea, Sicily, Lebanon, England, Australia, Finland, and at the U.S.-Mexico border. Human Cargo changes our understanding of what it means to have and lose a place in the world, and reveals how the refugee "problem" is on a par with global crises such as terrorism and world hunger.

National Book Critics Circle Awards - Nominee, National Books Critics Circle Awards - Nominee, ALA Notable Books - Winner, National Book Critics Circle Award - Nominee


Praise for Human Cargo

“Unflinching in her reportage, Moorehead purposefully illuminates the suffering endured by refugees and all the travesties, paradoxes, and tragedies engendered by the failure to act on their behalf.” —Booklist (starred review)

“[Moorehead] knows how to grip the reader's attention and haunt their dreams. . . . [She] is unafraid to look into the darkest corners of the world and make us want to look too.” —Daily Telegraph

“The breadth of Moorehead's reporting is impressive, the intimate glimpses of struggle and resilience indelible.” —O magazine

“Humane and touching . . . Moorehead puts a human face on this determined population.” —The Star-Ledger (Newark)

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About the author

Caroline Moorehead

Caroline Moorehead is the author of Gellhorn, and has been a columnist covering human rights for two British newspapers. She has worked directly with African refugees in Cairo in recent years. She lives in London.

Caroline Moorehead

Caroline Moorehead

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