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Hurricane Almanac 2006

Hurricane Almanac 2006

The Essential Guide to Storms Past, Present, and Future

Bryan Norcross

St. Martin's Griffin




Bryan Norcross's pioneering and courageous TV coverage of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 helped thousands of people in Florida cope with the killer storm. With hurricanes back in the headlines and destined to stay there, one of America's leading experts offers a unique almanac compiling hundreds of nuggets of fascinating, useful, and potentially life-saving information.
Bryan Norcross's Hurricane Almanac 2006 reviews the catastrophic season of 2005, including Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma, looks forward to hurricane seasons to come, highlights the fascinating history of hurricanes interacting with civilization, and details our rapidly increasingly ability -- but still with limitations -- to predict the severity and paths of storms. Key sections offer checklists of items needed to make homes, businesses, and people safe during storms, and where to find the best information before and during a storm and how to best interpret it. Bryan will also include a provocative chapter entitled: What I'd do better: ideas for a better hurricane system.


Chapter One

Hurricanes Today

The Hurricanes Return—1995–2005

Hurricanes come in cycles. A casual glance at a list of active hurricane seasons shows clusters of activity in the 1880s–1890s and 1920s–1960s, while...


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Bryan Norcross

BRYAN NORCROSS is the on-air hurricane analyst for CBS News, appearing nationally on the CBS Evening News and other programs. He is also director of Meteorology at WFOR-TV, the CBS station in Miami. His award-winning coverage of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 made him a national figure.

Bryan Norcross

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