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If Snow Hadn't Fallen

If Snow Hadn't Fallen

Lacey Flint Novels

Sharon Bolton

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Just weeks ago, a Jack the Ripper copycat terrorized London, leaving London police officer Lacey Flint scarred both physically and emotionally. Still recovering from the ordeal and technically off-duty, Lacey almost ignores it when she hears a call for back-up as she's heading home. But she's close by and figures they could use her help. She could never have expected the horrible crime she would witness on arriving at the scene, or the frightening twists the case would being to take.

S.J. Bolton's fans will be thrilled to return to the dark world of London police officer Lacey Flint, where nothing is ever as it seems, in the e-original story If Snow Hadn't Fallen.


Praise for If Snow Hadn't Fallen

“Coronation of the New Queen of Thrillers: S.J. Bolton. . .Everyone, male or female, will love Bolton. There is nothing not to love. Endowed with the ability to write beautiful prose that packs a punch, Bolton also creates intriguing characters (good and evil), and twists them all together in chilling and clever plots. Her novels are lush with creepy British atmosphere (Bolton draws on her extensive knowledge of British folklore, mythology, and history), heavy with ideas that set the mind humming (fate, destiny, and the roles played by women and men in the unfolding of both), and vibrant with fast-paced action that alternates between subtle and amplified.” —The Huffington Post

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