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I hope you are all happy now

I hope you are all happy now

Nicholas Zinner

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"Nick Zinner may be a man of few words, but who needs to talk when you can say so much with the click of a shutter button? The rock press has been striving for more than thirty years to show what life is like for a band on the road. In his own quiet way, by snapping a shot of every crowd the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have played for, every hotel room they've left in disarray, and every moment of consequence they've had together, Zinner makes hacks of us all and brings us behind the music for real."
-- Jenny Eliscu, Rolling Stone

In four years the Yeah Yeah Yeahs went from underground sensation to internationally acclaimed rock band. Through the lens of his camera, lead guitarist Nicholas Zinner documented the group's meteoric rise to fame. From the Grammys to the concerts, Nick captured the glamour, debauchery and road-weary tedium of his world. I hope you are all happy now gives readers a never-before-seen look at rock 'n' roll.

This collection includes essays by Jim Jarmusch, director of Coffee and Cigarettes, and comedian David Cross.


Praise for I hope you are all happy now

“From some people, I think you might assume there was some sarcasm in this title, but I think Nick genuinely does hope "you are all happy now". That is the feeling I get from his photos, that he really loves the people he takes pictures of.” —Spike Jonze, director of Being John Malkovich and Adaptation

“It's up to the individual to discern what's real, what's legit, what to trust, what to go with...[a] terribly immediate and beautiful book of photographs.” —Karen O., lead singer of Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“Nick Zinner has a rock'n'roll eye for the details of life on the road, exposing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' rise from the gutters of NYC's East Village to the pages of Rolling Stone. But these are more than casual tour snapshots. His eye is sharp. Music loud 'n' wild 'n' free comes to life on the pages of the book.” —Lee Ranaldo, guitarist for Sonic Youth

“I Hope You Are All Happy Now eloquently captures the fragmentary nature of travel by piecing it back together one photo at a time. A mosaic of the unkempt, the unmade, and the unhinged.” —Carrie Brownstein, Sleater-Kinney

“An eye both lean and mean. He takes photos like he plays guitar - fast and unorthodox. He seizes unlikely moments from the free flow of events he lives through.” —Mick Rock, rock photographer and author Glitter with David Bowie

“His ability to convey both a documentarian's crucial detachment and the genuinely soulful contemplation of a mystified kid (often within the same subject) sets him apart.” —Marc Spitz, Spin magazine and author of How Soon Is Never

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About the author

Nicholas Zinner

Nicholas Zinner plays guitar in the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs and other collaborative projects. He studied photography at Bard College and has published work in magazines such as Vice, Black Book, and Rolling Stone. Nicholas lives mostly in New York City.

Designer Stacy Wakefield lives in upstate New York. She and her sister Amber Gayle have published artists' books and zines under the imprint Evil Twin Publications since 1995.

Nicholas and Stacy collaborated on two earlier books with writer Zachary Lipez, No Seats on the Party Car [2001] and the limited-edition Slept in Beds [2003].

Nicholas Zinner

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