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I'm OK, You're My Parents

I'm OK, You're My Parents

How to Overcome Guilt, Let Go of Anger, and Create a Relationship That Works

Dale Atkins, Ph.D. and Nancy Hass

Henry Holt and Co.




A guilt-free guide for adults seeking more satisfying relationships with their parents

In a recent study, half of all Americans rated their relationship with at least one parent as either "poor" or "terrible," and more than a third felt this way about both parents. As life expectancy continues to rise and the parent-child relationship extends further into adulthood, this problem is becoming more prevalent than ever. Now, psychologist Dale Atkins presents a step-by-step plan for adults trying to come to terms with parents who are only human--before it is too late.

In I'm OK, You're My Parents, Atkins applies the same intelligent, no-nonsense approach that's made her a frequent guest on top-rated TV shows. She urges a restructuring of the relationships between adults and their aging parents and gives practical, specific advice on how to exorcise the demons of anger and resentment, untangle financial arrangements that cause stress and feelings of powerlessness, set limits on your parents' demands for time and attention, turn a spouse or friends into a powerful resource, overcome your own resistance to change, and discover the redemptive power of humor.

This book draws on Atkins' twenty-five years of experience as a relationship expert to present a comprehensive guide to repairing difficult relationships, gaining control, and building a life that you and your parents can live with for years to come.


From I'm OK, You're My Parents:
"I'd kill him," said Luanne, "but that would nullify the will, right?" I told her it was a good sign that she was still able to joke about the situation. At least that meant she hadn't given up entirely....


Praise for I'm OK, You're My Parents

"This solid legal thriller never loses contact with the moral questions that lie at its center."—Publishers Weekly

"An interesting story, this legal thriller will make a fast read for teens."—School Library Journal

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About the author

Dale Atkins, Ph.D. and Nancy Hass

Dale Atkins, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and media commentator who appears regularly on the Today Show. The author of five books, she has contributed to such national magazines as Ladies' Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, and Parents. She lives in Westport, Connecticut.

Dale Atkins

Nancy Hass