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Inca Gold

Inca Gold

Solve the Mystery of the Golden Corn


by Sean Callery




CodeQuest is a brand-new narrative nonfiction series that challenges the reader to solve historical mysteries. Each title presents a unique, interactive story in which the reader learns about historical codes, pictograms and symbols by completing various code-breaking tasks.

After a visit to the food market, a young Peruvian girl discovers a golden cob of corn amongst her shopping bags. She returns to the market stall, but the stall holder has disappeared... Symbols printed on the golden corn lead our narrator into a quest to find the mysterious stall holder and discover why messages are being left for her, and what they could mean.


Praise for Inca Gold

“[Codequest] offer[s] a significant information about hieroglyphs. . . The attractive format features eye-cathing glossy illustrations and is full of everything from notes to translate to information about cat worship. . . . Those with an interest in ancient Egypt will be intrigued . . . This is also a great choice for classrooms studying the period, as groups could solve the puzzles together.” —Booklist

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About the author

by Sean Callery

Anita Croy studied languages at the University of London, where she was awarded a PhD
in Spanish studies. She has written numerous books for young readers, mainly on historical
and cultural subjects, including studies of ancient civilizations for the National Geographic
Society. She has travelled widely, but currently lives in London with her young family.
Mick Posen studied at Ravensbourne and Brighton Art college in the 1970s. He spent
many years illustrating fantasy and sci-fi book covers using traditional airbrush and
painting techniques. He now works digitally using 3D and 2D software and is also
venturing into animation. He lives in the depths of Suffolk with his wife and cat.

Sean Callery

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