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India Express

India Express

The Future of the New Superpower

Daniel Lak

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In evocative prose and with street-level reporting, Daniel Lak argues that India has become a global superpower because of its religion, caste, politics, and poverty, and not in spite of it. He looks presciently to the future, and concludes that the strength that democracy gives it means that India is much better positioned to sustain its newfound status than China, whose political system is sure to eventually hinder it.

As an expert who has covered the region for the BBC for the last twelve years, Lak weaves together his substantive knowledge of Indian politics, economics, and culture with fascinating stories of everyday people.

India Express incisively explores the most urgent challenges facing India in the 21st century:

· The governance and development of the most religiously, culturally, and linguistically diverse population on the planet

· Crushing poverty--with 300 million on less $2 a day--despite the rise of the largest middle class the world has ever known

· Uncertain geopolitics including the parallel rise of China and civil wars in neighboring states and the increasingly unstable, nuclear-armed Pakistan

· Corruption at all levels of government while the business sector becomes ever more globalized and attuned to international standards

· Growing urbanization: three of the world's top fifteen cities in terms of population are already Indian and they are growing faster than most others

· Inequality between different Hindu castes, sexes, regions and newly minted haves and have-nots


Praise for India Express

“Daniel Lak's journalism from India and around South Asia has been consistently powerful and enlightening. He understands the nuanced realities of the region and never fails to find the human side of a complex and troubling situation. His optimism -- rare enough in an internaitonal journalist -- is refreshing, never cloying.” —Kathy Gannon, Associated Press special correspondent and author of I Is for Infidel: From Holy War to Holy Terror

“In his travels through South Asia, Lak always stayed off the path beaten by other foreign correspondents. No matter where he wandered in India, Pakistan and Nepal, Lak always delved deeper into the culture than the rest of us, coming back with unique insights and wonderful stories. He is rarity among journalists --one who portrays his subjects with elegance, compassion and humor.” —Tim McGirk, Time Magazine

About the author

Daniel Lak

Daniel Lak is a reporter with the BBC who reported on the Indian sub-continent for twelve years, working from Pakistan and New Delhi. He reported on the rise and fall of the Taliban, Kurdish refugees in Iran, India's 1999 war with Pakistan over Kashmir, and the hijacking of an Indian aircraft by Islamic militants in what later became known as a dry-run for 9/11. Lak now lives in Toronto reporting for the BBC from the Americas and making documentaries.

Daniel Lak

Daniel Lak

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