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In My Bedroom

In My Bedroom

Donna Hill

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Rayne Holland is a woman who appears to have it all: a handsome, successful husband, a beautiful five-year-old daughter, and a rapidly rising film career. What everyone doesn't realize is that behind closed doors, the picture is not so perfect. And in the recesses of Rayne's mind she harbors a dark past that even she is unaware of. Then tragedy strikes and Rayne slowly discovers that the story of her life is just beginning and nothing and no one are as they seem...

Gayle has been Rayne's best friend for years and always secretly wished that her life was more like Rayne's, from Rayne's wonderful husband to her burgeoning success. Gayle had been the one to introduce Paul to Rayne and a small part of her still regretted the day. Although Gayle married a good man and has a good life, she can't help feeling that the grass may be greener on the other side. Out of a deep sense of guilt, Gayle tries to help Rayne along the road to recovery, even at the expense of her own marriage . . .

Pauline, Rayne's psychologist, found herself drawn to the lovely woman from the moment they met. For in Rayne, she sees parts of herself, disturbing similarities and secret pains. Faced with the most daunting case of her career, Pauline must walk the thin line of medical ethics knowing that if she saves Rayne, she may lose everything but if she takes the risk she may save herself as well and unlock the secrets that would free them all.

Told with Donna Hill's grace, wit and uncompromising honesty, this novel explores the strength, passion, hope and healing of three extraordinary women.



JUNE. A SAVANNAH JUNE. HOT. Lush. Rich. Damp, like a satisfied woman. Even in this place of unreality where the trio held court, that fact could not be denied.

It was an odd assemblage they made, yet commonplace, at least...


Praise for In My Bedroom

In My Bedroom so powerful and mesmerizing, I was compelled to read it in one sitting. The characters are well drawn and full of life. I feel as if I know them personally. . .Reading it was a true delight.” —Mary Monroe, National Bestselling author of God Still Don't Like Ugly

In My Bedroom a beautifully written novel that allows you to think and feel right along with the characters. Donna Hill has penned an amazing eye-opener.” —Kimberla Lawson Roby, National Bestselling author of Too Much of a Good Thing

“Donna Hill not only captures the essence of storytelling, she also masters the art in yet another best selling novel. In My Bedroom psychologically stimulates, while holding the reader's attention throughout. . .This is a definite must read.” —Shunda Leigh, Booking Matters Magazine

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Donna Hill

Donna Hill has eighteen published novels to her credit. She is a public relations associate for the Queens Borough Public Library system, and runs a promotions and management company, ImageNouveau. She is also a writing instructor at the Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center in New York. Donna lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York.

Donna Hill

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