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Into the Trap

Into the Trap

Craig Moodie

Roaring Brook Press


An action-packed adventure about thieves, fishing, and two boys who lay a trap that will save the day.

Eddie's family has been trapping lobsters for generations. but lately someone has been stealing their catch. When Eddie happens across the thieves' trap, he knows it's up to him to bring in the culprits. With the unlikely help of a boy who has run away from sailing camp, Eddie embarks on an adventure that puts his very life at risk.

AUGUST 12, 4:05 A.M.

EDDIE ATWELL TOOK LIGHT STEPS onto the dock, hoping to keep the warped planks from creaking, and paused by the stack of lobster traps. He looked back at the house beyond the trees....

Praise for Into the Trap

“What sets the novel apart from similar offerings is the tidy compression of events into a precise twenty-six hour and twelve minute time frame, and the contrast between plainspoken, assertive Eddie and formally eloquent, game but bumbling Briggs.” —BCCB

“Into the Trap is the perfect book to stick into a duffel bag for a young camper--along with a flashlight for reading under the folds of a sleeping bag.” —BookPage

“ action-packed tale with boat chases that may appeal to some boys.” —SLJ

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Read the Kirkus Review of INTO THE TRAP . "What happens on the water stays on the water," is the attitude in this fishing community on the fictional New England community of Fog Island. - Kirkus Reviews

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