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Isabelle's Boyfriend

Isabelle's Boyfriend

Caroline Hickey

Square Fish



Trade Paperback

All's fair in love and high school

Taryn has found the guy of her dreams. Epp is tall, athletic, handsome, and best of all, he likes her, too. There's only one problem: He's dating someone else. Taryn thinks her love life is over, but when she decides to write an article for the school newspaper that just happens to require interviewing Epp, her luck begins to change. Befriended by Epp's beautiful girlfriend, Isabelle, Taryn is suddenly hanging out with a new crowd, going on her first date, and getting her first kiss. Life couldn't get any better, could it? Maybe if Epp wasn't still Isabelle's boyfriend . . .


Chapter One

When I get home from school, the dog is scratching at the back door, demanding to go out and pee. She may look like a sweet, furry marshmallow, but really she's a bully. A ten-pound, purebred, bichon frisé bully.



Praise for Isabelle's Boyfriend

“Taryn's first-person present-tense narrative is funny and self-deprecating and is filled with details about getting ready for dates and school dances. The home scenes are entertaining, too: irritable Taryn is even jealous of the family poodle, who gets so much attention from her newly divorced mom. Romance readers will enjoy the humor about obsession and rejection.” —Booklist

“The author knows how to take true-to-life characters and set them up for an awesome plot. . . . [A] humor-, anticipation-, and hope-packed book.” —Voice of Youth Advocates

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About the author

Caroline Hickey

CAROLINE HICKEY is the author of Cassie Was Here. A graduate of the New School's Creative Writing M.F.A. program, she lives in Washington, DC.

Caroline Hickey

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