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Jack: Secret Vengeance

Jack: Secret Vengeance

Repairman Jack

F. Paul Wilson

Tor Teen



Mass Market Paperbound

Everyone loves senior Carson Toliver, the captain and quarterback of the football team, heartthrob of South Burlington County Regional High—especially the girls. Even Jack's best friend Weezy has a crush on him. And unlike most of the popular kids at school, he's not stuck up. Jack even sees him defending a Piney kid who is being bullied in the hall. Which is why Jack is so surprised when Weezy tells him that Carson took her on a date and attacked her.

Jack tries to convince her to report Carson, but Weezy would rather just forget it ever happened. She begs him not to tell anyone, and Jack reluctantly agrees. But then Carson starts telling his own version of what happened that night and suddenly everyone is calling her "Easy Weezy." Jack's concern turns to rage. Carson needs to be taught a lesson. With the help of the Pineys—reclusive inhabitants of the mysterious Jersey Pine Barrens who have secrets of their own—Jack finds a way to exact secret vengeance….

In F. Paul Wilson's third young adult novel, the teenage Jack demonstrates the skills that will serve him later in life as the urban mercenary known as Repairman Jack.


Weezy was attacked on a Saturday night.
"Jack," his mother called from down the hall. "Weezy's on the phone."
Jack poked his head out from under the covers, forced his eyes open, and checked the clock on...


Praise for Jack: Secret Vengeance

“Wilson deftly keeps interest high with well-drawn characterizations, modulating the thrills with details of day-to-day life in the early 1980s. Cracking good fun for teens.” —Kirkus Reviews on Jack: Secret Histories

“This is a fun and exciting read that will appeal to all audiences. It is a must-have for any library. It is a great book for general entertainment, and it will take many adults on a nostalgic journey to their teen years.” —Children's Literature on Jack: Secret Histories

“Readers of the adult Repairman Jack novels will enjoy bringing their background to this reading, but, luckily for kid readers, knowledge of the series is not vital to enjoying this smart, spooky mystery adventure.” —Kirkus Reviews on Jack: Secret Circles

“Will appeal to sci-fi fans.” —Booklist on Jack: Secret Circles

“Wilson has created an engaging, fast-paced and yet deeply thought provoking work that builds upon (and builds up) the Repairman Jack mythos. It might seem like a book for younger readers, but Wilson's many fans will want to grab a copy right away. Strongly recommended.” — on Jack: Secret Circles

“Wilson's final YA adventure offering a peep into the teen years of Repairman Jack, star of fourteen adult novels (with two more on the way)… Fans, teen and adult, will be in heaven.” —Kirkus Reviews on Jack: Secret Vengeance

“As with the other two entries in this young adult series, Wilson writes to his audience, not down to it. This series has been a welcome way to get more out of his creation.” — on Jack: Secret Vengeance

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