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James Ulmer's Hollywood Hot List

James Ulmer's Hollywood Hot List

The Complete Guide to Star Ranking

James Ulmer

St. Martin's Griffin



The "little black book" that's next to every studio executive's palm pilot--the real scoop on Hollywood's top 200 stars.

Who's hot? Who's not? Who can green-light any project that they want? Who's begging for scraps? For years the film industry's elite have looked to James Ulmer's Hollywood Hot List to measure who was really worth a multimillion-dollar payday and who should be pasture-bound. Ulmer's star power rankings can change a star's salary--or even whether or not he or she gets a role. An actor's star power includes:

-Bankability: How the actor's name alone guarantees a sale up front in today's global marketplace.
-Career management: How well has the actor chosen roles to maximize career potential?
-Willingness to travel and promote: How cooperative is the actor in promoting projects?
-Professionalism: How reliable is the actor to work with, both on and off the set?
-Inside Dirt: The truth about what it's like to work with the top 200 actors worldwide.
-Box office bait: Who the actor has worked for and how much the project made.

Ulmer's information is culled from those who work closely with the stars--their agents, co-stars, movie producers, directors, distributors, and personal assistants. The opinions of those in the know and the dollars a star can earn measure the true value of the actors in Hollywood. Find out who owns Tinseltown, who's just renting, and who's being evicted.


Praise for James Ulmer's Hollywood Hot List

“I pack it next to the cellular. My copy is dog-eared.” —Cassian Elwes, vice president, William Morris Agency

About the author

James Ulmer

James Ulmer is the founder and executive producer of The Ulmer Scale as well as senior analyst and writer at Creative Planet.

James Ulmer

James Ulmer

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