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A Peacer Novel

The Peacer Series (Volume 2)

Dave Swavely

Thomas Dunne Books




In this sequel to Silhouette, Michael Ares must survive a series of assassination attempts to find out why he was destined to become one of the most powerful men on the planet

In the near future, a post-quake San Francisco is ruled by a private corporation called the Bay Area Security Service. BASS has established and maintained order in this new city-state with a police force of "peacers" who have a license to kill, and the company has developed a cutting-edge antigravity technology coveted by the rest of the world. Michael Ares has recently inherited the throne of BASS, and immediately finds himself marked for assassination by an even more powerful leader, the Chinese general Zhang Sun.

Michael doesn't understand why he was chosen to play this important role, nor does he know why Sun is so determined to see him dead. But to find out, he will first have to survive not just one attempt on his life, but an unrelenting barrage that has never failed to end in the death of the target. His only hope is to entrust his fate to an old friend whose company provides personal high-tech protection that is almost as impressive as the forces arrayed against him.

A future world of aerocars, net glasses, and neural cyberware provides the backdrop for this timeless tale of good and evil, love and revenge, truth and mystery. Dave Swavely's Kaleidocide is filled with a kaleidoscope of colorful characters and thrilling action that will make readers' hearts pound and minds race at the same time.



The xing lu cai se was now ready, and it was the best possible time for Michael Ares to die.
General Zhang Sun had decided to take his revenge in this manner a year earlier, when he had first received...


Praise for Kaleidocide

“Fans of both sf and edgy mysteries should like this one very much.” —Booklist

“This was every bit as good as its predecessor and the blurb comparing it to Bladerunner – presumably the movie and not the Philip K. Dick novel – is entirely appropriate.” —

“A number of twists keep the narrative tied neatly to the rainbow-themed threats” —Publishers Weekly

“Echoes of Blade Runner and A Scanner Darkly run throughout a society ruled by corporate interests, sharpening the divide between the have and the have-nots. Ares's soul-searching journey echoes Swavely's own philosophical ministrations, where "risk and destiny are synonyms" and "the greatest men are the ones who make the most difficult choices"...A thought-provoking debut novel with a futuristic scenario that may be well on its way.” —Shelf Awareness on Silhouette

“A brisk SF thriller. . .replete with antigravity and cool wetware augmentations” —Publishers Weekly on Silhouette

“Intrigue, violence, and double-dealing go high-tech in this rapid-fire tale” —Library Journal on Silhouette

“[A] refreshing read that would suit both science fiction and detective fans.” — on Silhouette

“Swavely updates the roman policier genre with a high-tech gloss. I was bowled over by the hyper-paced action and caught up by the deep political connections and archly hip, bleeding-edge cultural references. If Steve McQueen's 1969 Mustang in BULLITT could've actually flown, it would fit right into the chrome-&-neon streets of SILHOUETTE's future San Francisco. I'll be waiting impatiently for the next installment of the Peacer saga.” —K. W. Jeter, bestselling author of Farewell Horizontal and The Kingdom of Shadows, on Silhouette

“A fast-paced government thriller set in a distant future that's just close enough to reality to keep readers anxiously turning pages.” —Julie Cross, International bestselling author of Tempest, on Silhouette

“An explosive murder mystery set in a fully realized future…takes off at a gallop and never lets up. I loved it.” —Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of Sparrow Rock, Strarcraft Ghost: Spectres, and Diablo: The Order, on Silhouette

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About the author

Dave Swavely

DAVE SWAVELY lived in beautiful Napa Valley for ten years, and now resides in lovely Chester County, near Philadelphia. Kaleidocide is his second Peacer novel and the sequel to Silhouette, which was also published by Thomas Dunne Books.

Dave Swavely

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