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Kentucky Derby Dreams

Kentucky Derby Dreams

The Making of Thoroughbred Champions

Susan Nusser

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Author Susan Nusser takes readers inside the excitement and suspense at one of Kentucky's biggest breeding farms. Every year, two hundred broodmares in the farm's barns give birth to the next generation of racehorses. In the eighteen months following their births, those foals will meet the world's most skilled and knowledgeable horsemen — from grooms to veterinary orthopedists — who will shape them in to the kinds of yearlings that attract the attention of the sheikhs, moguls, and magnates who prowl the yearling sales, hunting for their next Derby winner.

From the carefully calculated birth of the new crop of foals to the horses' debut at the world's premier yearling sale in Lexington, Kentucky, this is a rare behind-the-scenes look at the vets, the surgeries, the long hours, and the hard work that it takes to breed a Derby hopeful. Kentucky Derby Dreams follows the lives of foals born during the 2009 foaling season and uncovers the inside drama and heartache that accompany these potential champions from the foaling barn to the sales ring. Compelling, fascinating, and fast-paced, this is a must read for anyone who's ever watched the Kentucky Derby.


February 2009

Broodmare manager Scott Kintz is on the phone. In khaki jeans and a burgundy baseball cap and ski jacket embroidered with the name of his employer, Taylor Made, he stands with his feet wide apart and planted...


Praise for Kentucky Derby Dreams

“A journalistic tour de force, perhaps the best nonfiction ever penned about the troubled horse business.” —Jim Squires, author of Headless Horseman

“Reading Nusser's book is tantamount to visiting horse country and never wanting to leave. It's a well-written, superbly researched narrative that will enlighten every reader and perhaps bring more people into the irresistible yet hard-driving world of breeding, training, and racing horses.” —Ann Hagedorn Auerbach, author of Wild Ride

“Once again, Susan Nusser proves her writing skills, perception of human nature, and depth of equine knowledge…Nusser vividly recounts the daily human efforts and emotion that combine the create a perfect racehorse… Entertaining and thoughtful.” —Sandra L. Olsen, Ph.D, Head of Anthropology, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

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Read the Kirkus Review of KENTUCKY DERBY DREAMS The Making of Thoroughbred Champions. Life on one of the nation's foremost horse-breeding farms meticulously rendered in loving detail and set against the ominous backdrop of an uncertain economy. - Kirkus Reviews

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Susan Nusser

SUSAN NUSSER is the author of In Service to the Horse, which explored the bond that develops between one of Kentucky's most valuable stallions and his groom and between other competition horses and their grooms. She teaches writing at Carroll University and lives in Milwaukee with her husband, daughters, cats and a pit bull.

Susan Nusser

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Susan Nusser

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