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King, Ship, and Sword

King, Ship, and Sword

An Alan Lewrie Naval Adventure

Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures (Volume 16)

Dewey Lambdin

St. Martin's Griffin



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December, 1801. The Peace of Amiens ends the long war with Napoleon Bonaparte's France, but Captain Alan Lewrie, Royal Navy, is appalled by its consequences. What is a dashing and successful frigate captain to do with himself ashore on half-pay? And where will Lewrie twiddle his thumbs until the war begins again, as he's sure it will? Rejoin his wife and in-laws who (mostly) despise him like the Devil hates Holy Water, on his rented farm in Surrey? Peace and domesticity are hellish hard on the rakehells!
Yet by the spring of 1802, Lewrie and his Caroline have somewhat reconciled and are off to make a go of a second honeymoon—in Paris, France, of all places! There, Lewrie finds himself rubbing shoulders with soldiers, spies, and even First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte himself. When Lewrie can't help spurring Napoleon into a "kick-furniture" rage, he and Caroline must flee for their lives.
When war breaks out again in May of 1803, Lewrie has fresh orders, a new frigate, and a chance to punish and pursue the French, but it's no longer for duty or king and country—now it's personal!


HMS Thermopylae, a 38-gun Fifth Rate frigate, prowled slowly off the Texel to keep a wary eye on the Dutch coast . . . for several years a conquered "allied" power under French control, now named the Batavian Republic. It was a...


Praise for King, Ship, and Sword

“Stunning naval adventure, reeking of powder and mayhem. I wish I had written this series.” —Bernard Cornwell

“His mastery of period naval warfare gives his battles real punch.” —Publishers Weekly

“Readers who haven't yet sampled Lewrie's adventures need only know that comparisons to Forester and O'Brian are entirely appropriate.” —Booklist

“The best naval adventure series since C. S. Forester.” —Library Journal

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About the author

Dewey Lambdin

DEWEY LAMBDIN is the author of fifteen previous Alan Lewrie novels. A member of the U.S. Naval Institute and a Friend of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, he spends his free time working and sailing (he's been a sailor since 1976). He makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee, but would much prefer Margaritaville or Murrells Inlet.

Dewey Lambdin

Photo: Grant “Sgt. Speed” Achepohl

Dewey Lambdin

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