Lauren Fix's Guide to Loving Your Car

Everything You Need to Know to Take Charge of Your Car and Get On with Your Life

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach

St. Martin's Griffin

Lauren Fix’s straight-forward, clear and fun advice makes caring for your car easy so you can actually enjoy driving and owning one. With Lauren Fix's Guide to Loving Your Car, you’ll soon be a confident, knowledgeable car owner who knows what is important in taking care of your car.

With Lauren Fix on your side, you'll know:

*How to select the best car for your lifestyle--and safest car for your family

*Essential and easy maintenance for your car

*What to have ready in case of a crash or emergency

*Driving tips for all kinds of weather and traffic conditions

*How to talk to your car mechanic in language you can both understand

*How to master easy car repairs--and which repairs to avoid

*Much more!

Lauren Fix is the ideal resource for all car-related questions, and Lauren Fix’s Guide to Loving Your Car is full of tips and inside knowledge to keep you in the know and your car on the road.


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(One: What’s the Best Car Out There for You?)

I’m constantly asked, “What is best car out there—for me?”

My answer is a series of questions:

What category are you interested in?

What price range can you afford?

Do you want a sedan, sports car, or convertible?

Do you want a minivan, truck, SUV, hybrid, or crossover?

You get the idea.

Before you buy a car, you must consider a world of choices.

My job is to help you know what cars to consider for your needs, what questions to ask yourself and the seller, and how to successfully



Praise for Lauren Fix's Guide to Loving Your Car

“I always say you need the right tools to get the job done. I see Lauren Fix’s Guide to Loving Your Car as the must-have tool for anyone who drives, owns, or is thinking about getting into a new vehicle.  Lauren does an excellent job at making the information relatable and enjoyable for the reader.”                             --Norma Vally, “The Toolbelt Diva” and author of Chix Can Fix

“In her guide to Loving Your Car, Lauren Fix finally reveals the wild details of her lifelong romance. She takes us all ten steps beyond automotive "common sense" - not just with great info but with compelling reasons to use it. You owe it to your wallet, wheels and safety to memorize every word.”
--Tom Corcoran, author of Shelby Mustang and the Alex Rutledge Mystery Series

“Full of powerful information distilled to quick facts on car ownership, Lauren Fix’s Guide to Loving Your Car is remarkably helpful to veteran car buffs and first-time drivers alike. If knowledge is power, this book is supercharged horsepower in consumer information.”                                                                 --Steve Ford, The Car Guy® and co-host of the nationwide TV show Talk2DIY-Automotive

“Car Coach Lauren Fix is the only auto aficianado to be both passionate and self-aware about her industry. This book serves as the first of many ways for the women of America to unite with her, and learn the Fix way.  Fix instructs, amuses, pooh-poohs, and reflects...all in the best self-help car manual for ladies.”              --Richard Laermer, author, trendSpotting

“Lauren Fix's trailblazing book is  a roadmap to success for you and your automobile!  Finally, a remarkably comprehensive guide that will empower even the most inexperienced driver to confidently make well informed choices regarding their driving experience. Fix's passion gets ignited as she clears the road with this informative and entertaining masterpiece.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, this is definitely a MUST READ.  Car Coach, Lauren Fix, has done it again!”                                                                   --David Pezzino, Professional Coach and founder of Success Within Reach, Inc.

“This book is the most comprehensive automotive guide I’ve ever read.  It’s an essential part of every car owner’s library. No matter the make of your car, throw away the owner’s manual and put Lauren Fix’s Guide to Loving Your Car in the glove box.  It’s that good.”                                                                            --Marty Bernstein, contributing editor at American International Automobile Dealers Association

"Lauren is one of the few car people that I trust. She has done it all....wrenching, modifying, building, driving street and race cars. Being a hard charging racer on the track has enabled her to teach others advanced competitive driving techniques (I met Lauren at one of her driving schools). Moreover she has leveraged her vast experience into life changing presentations, motivating others to be all they can be. Lauren walks the talk."                                                                                        --Louis Betstadt, CFP, Senior Financial Advisor and Amateur Racer

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  • Lauren Fix, The Car Coach

  • LAUREN FIX is a nationally recognized TV automotive expert and the host of "Talk 2 DIY Automotive," on the Do-It-Yourself Network. Lauren has been a guest numerous times on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, CNN, The Early Show, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, to name just a few. She is the author of several automotive books and articles.



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Lauren Fix's Guide to Loving Your Car

Everything You Need to Know to Take Charge of Your Car and Get On with Your Life

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach



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