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Leadership Therapy

Leadership Therapy

Inside the Mind of Microsoft

Anna Rowley, Ph.D.; Consulting Psychologist to Microsoft for Over a Decade

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In this insightful book, Microsoft consulting psychologist Anna Rowley draws on fascinating case studies from her twelve years of working with the top levels of Microsoft management, revealing the skills that have helped the company's top executives to maintain market dominance. Rowley's tools have helped her powerhouse clients, who are passionately devoted to their jobs, attain their maximum potential while faced with constant pressure to innovate and excel. In Leadership Therapy, she explains how leaders can develop the characteristics they need to succeed in a demanding environment, including belief, objectivity, insight, connectivity, and ambition.



Leadership Therapy by Anna Rowley, Ph.D.--Audiobook Excerpt

Listen to this audiobook excerpt and hear Microsoft consulting psychologist Anna Rowley read from her book Leadership Therapy: Inside the Mind of Microsoft. Microsoft is well-known for being an intense place to work: employees face constant pressure to innovate and excel and are passionately devoted to their jobs. In this insightful audiobook, Anna Rowley reveals the major problems all managers face and shows how to conquer them.


Praise for Leadership Therapy

“Don't worry if you never took Psychology 101. Rowley does a nice job explaining critical terminology. She writes in a clear, no-nonsense style, making this a brisk, invigorating read.” —USA Today

Leadership Therapy is a perfect book to consult on your journey to mastery. Anna Rowley brings to this work an impressive background of rigorous research in human performance combined with the applied experience of an executive coach to one of the world's most extraordinary companies. I encourage you to take advantage of this unique practical and uplifting resource in discovering who you are as a leader.” —Jim Kouzes, bestselling author of The Leadership Challenge and A Leader's Legacy

“I believe strongly that psychology plays an enormous role in business in addition to all other human affairs. Anna Rowley's Leadership Therapy is a strong, clear, and helpful guide on how it can be used in business.” —Michael Levine, bestselling author of Broken Windows, Broken Business: How the Smallest Remedies Reap the Biggest Rewards

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About the author

Anna Rowley, Ph.D.; Consulting Psychologist to Microsoft for Over a Decade

Anna Rowley, Ph.D founder of Rowley Associates, Inc. is a sought-after speaker and performance consultant for many top Fortune 100 and Fortune 500. Her cutting edge psychological techniques and green consulting programs help managers and organization such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Expedia, improve business and leadership performance.

Anna Rowley

Anna Rowley

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