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Let It Begin Here!

Let It Begin Here!

April 19, 1775: The Day the American Revolution Began

Actual Times (Volume 1)

Don Brown

Flash Point


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The first book in Don Brown's Actual Times series brings the start of the American Revolution to life.

A 26-year-old King George II found himself in financial turmoil after crushing the French, Austrians, and Spanish in battle. Luckily money was no object since he could easily get it back by raising taxes on his American colonies...but what King George didn't realize was the colonies were beginning to have a mind of their own and had started to set their sights on freedom.

The cast of characters includes those we know--the famous silversmith, turned messenger, Paul Revere--and many we haven't heard of like "Flinty Whittemore," a 78-year-old who fought off the British with a musket, two pistols, a sword, was bayoneted 14 times and still lived another 18 years to brag about it.

Detailed, yet accessible, Don Brown's award-winning nonfiction style brilliantly comes to life in Let It Begin Here, this fascinating account of the start of the Revolutionary War.


Praise for Let It Begin Here!

“Fast-paced and accessible.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Teachers will use this book in their classroom instruction as an overview of the American Revolution, and students will enjoy reading a story format as an alternative to the typical research book. It will make a wonderful addition to the elementary American history collection.” —Library Media Connection

“This attractive picture book opens with an introduction to the causes of the American Revolution. George III and his advisors looked for a way to relieve the monarch's war debt and decided to impose taxes on the American colonies....Brown keeps the information flowing easily while getting the salient points across.” —STARRED, School Library Journal

“...any kids who fondly recall Brown's picture books from their "younger days" will be pleased to see he hasn't left older readers adrift” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“This book tells the story of the day the American Revolution began, including the events that led to it and Paul Revere's famous midnight ride. The words of both American and British fighters dramatize the account.” —Learning Magazine

About the author

Don Brown

Don Brown's previous books include Kid Blink Beats the World, Mack Made Movies and Across a Dark and Wild Sea. He lives on Long Island, New York.

Don Brown

Don Brown

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