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Living in the Village

Living in the Village

Build Your Financial Future and Strengthen Your Community

Ryan C. Mack

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

A clear, personal, step-by-step plan to achieve financial freedom--for yourself and your community

Financial planning isn't easy – especially when you're trying to overcome destructive spending habits, accumulating debt, and ever-increasing household budgets. Ryan Mack, Wall Streeter-come-financial advisor, has written LIVING IN THE VILLAGE for those who need a clear, accessible and tangible plan for getting personal finances in order once and for all. In a frank, accessible voice, Ryan C. Mack provides simple, easy-to-understand financial advice that you can implement right away. He developed a seven-step plan, featuring critical advice for:
- Eliminating debt
- Improving credit
- Creating an emergency fund
- Maximizing the company retirement plan and IRA
- Avoiding financial predators
- Diversifying your investments
- Establishing a financial legacy for future generations
Each step of the way, LIVING IN THE VILLAGE not only educates you about financial planning tricks and pitfalls, but also, through numerous personal testimonies from ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their communities, shows you how to give back and contribute to the economic advancement to your community.


Praise for Living in the Village

“Ryan Mack's work is a wonderfully positive voice in the midst of today's gloom. It is a reassertion of the possibility of the American dream, which so many have stopped believing. Not only is this exceptionally talented person imparting critical life lessons to those in need but also setting an example for all of us to start believing again in what has made this country great.” —Stephen Leeb, PhD, Chairman of Leeb Capital Management, and Author of The Oil Factor

“Ryan shows passion, vision and faith with sound, practical advice to help you get on the road to prosperity. A wise investment of your time, this book makes it easy to see how you, too, can become destined for success in life.” —Doug Flynn, CFP®, ChFC, Financial Media Commentator and Founder of Flynn Zito Capital Management, LLC

“Ryan Mack gets it…true economic empowerment for all of America is more than just knowledge of stocks and bonds. It is about how we think, our faith in a brighter tomorrow, and how we treat each other. This book is just what this country needs to move forward.” —Willie Horton, Major League Baseball Legend and Detroit Tiger Great

Living in the Village, Ryan Mack offers the common sense road map that Americans need today in order to get their finances in order. This is not about ourselves, but being in position to create and pass on wealth to our children, or help others philanthropically. If we don't heed Ryan's advice now, then we will have no future.” —Roland Martin, Host of Washington Watch with Roland Martin, CNN Political Analyst, The Tom Joyner Morning Show Senior Analyst

“Ryan Mack has often told me that your financial future is not something that just happens to you. You have to make it happen. This book does that.” —Christine Romans, CNN's Your Money and author of SMART IS THE NEW RICH

“Reading this book will not only help you—it will indeed uplift our entire village. Buy at least two; give the second copy to someone you know needs what Mack is offering: a path to hope, and freedom.” —Alfred A. Edmond Jr., Sr. Vice President, Black Enterprise

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About the author

Ryan C. Mack

RYAN C. MACK left his job on Wall Street with the goal of educating people of all income levels about fiscal responsibility. As President of Optimum Capital Management he has created financial workshops/programs and provided keynote presentations nationwide for Harvard University, National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Housing Preservation and Development, NAACP, NASA, Microsoft Inc., Deutsche Bank AG, AFL-CIO and many more. Mack has been a featured financial expert and commentator on CNBC, CNN, FOX, BET, GMTV, and The Wendy Williams Show.

Ryan C. Mack

Ryan C. Mack

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