Love Another Day

An Agent Ex Novel

Gina Robinson

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Secrets, suspense, seduction—they're all part of the spy game, and nobody does it better than Gina Robinson. Follow her to England for a foreign affair of the sexiest kind, in Love Another Day ...



CIA agent Tate Cox works alone. Everyone knows that. And when the object of his mission is to seduce a pretty RIOT agent for valuable technology, bringing his ex-wife Malene along seems like an especially disastrous idea. But no one bucks Agency orders, not even capable, confident Tate. Flirting with the enemy is in the job description—but falling for his sexy, sassy ex all over again is an unexpected complication...  



After working for years on cover stories and logistics, Mal has longed for the chance to try her skills at fieldwork. But posing as “Professor” Tate Cox's graduate student girlfriend at the Cheltenham Festival of Science? Hardly a dream assignment. Yet when gorgeous Tate turns on the charm, Mal can't help wondering if she let the real thing go much too soon ... 



The Agent Ex series is:


“Laugh-out-loud funny.”—Booklist


“A clever concoction of lust and longing.”—Publishers Weekly


 “A hilariously brilliant romp.”—Reader to Reader Reviews


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Being called into the chief’s office was something Malene Cox looked forward to. A special missive commanding her attendance in a solo meeting with the notorious Emmett Nelson, head of National Clandestine Services, the spying arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, meant a plum assignment. Something filled with intrigue, and she hoped, lots of shopping.
As head of NCS’s cover life department, Malene lived for these moments. She smelled a sweet professional challenge. It was just too bad she never


Praise for Love Another Day


Praise for Gina Robinson’s

Diamonds Are Truly Forever

“A fast-paced and exciting thriller. Jam packed with funny dialogue and hot sex…There’s never a dull moment [this] is one book you definitely will NOT lose interest in; instead you will be unable to put the book down. Excellent and innovative read!”—Fresh Fiction

“Readers are in for a fun, rollicking read  with Diamonds Are Truly Forever…If you love a romantic suspense that is long on funny situations and romantic to boot, then you’ll love [this book].”—Romance Reviews Today


Live and Let Love

“Secret agents, mysterious identities and a love that just won’t die make for a sweet, clever escape from reality.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Robinson’s action-packed tale doesn’t shy away from the fact that the hero is an assassin. Featuring plenty of interesting gadgets for spying and killing, as well as some delightful dogs—and a good dose of humor and suspense—this book ensures readers will race to the perfectly fitting finish.”— RT Book Reviews (4 ½ stars)

“Gina Robinson is a talented writer...if you are fan of her stories… this book is worth adding to your wish list.” —Night Owl Romance





“This first Agent Ex novel is good, old-fashioned fun. Full of laughter, intrigue, and, of course, steamy spies, it’s a great weekend escape. Robinson knows how to balance a book with lighthearted romps and serious romance.” —RT Book Reviews



“At times laugh-out-loud funny, Robinson's foray into the world of James Bond has its poignant side, assuring that readers will be back for more.”—Booklist


“Punctuated with Bondworthy downhill car and bike chases and near-death surfing parties, Robinson’s clever concoction of lust and longing is a refreshing tropical cocktail.”—Publishers Weekly


“Mystery, mayhem, sexy spies, and lots of laughter. Gina Robinson writes a damn good book!” —Christie Craig, award-winning author


“The action is fast and furious and the plot twists turn on a dime. Ms. Robinson seamlessly adds humor to her story that will keep the reader laughing as things keep going wrong.”—Single Titles.com


“A hilariously brilliant romp into the world of espionage and intrigue. Ty and Treflee are amazingly sympathetic characters and the world that Ms. Robinson has built for them to play in is dazzling and colorful. It isn’t much of a stretch for the reader to hear the native birds sing and smell the coconut oil as they read this delightful novel!” —Reader to Reader Reviews


“Firmly establishes Gina Robinson as one of today’s most exciting new authors of romantic suspense. It’s bold, it’s brassy, it’s full of spy-goodness with a wicked sense of humor that’ll leave you both shaken and stirred.”—The Big Thrill


“Gina Robinson takes drama, comedy, and action and whips them together to make one delicious read!”—Joyfully Reviewed


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  • Gina Robinson

  • Gina Robinson lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children. She loves humor, romance, suspense, and spies. Not necessarily in that order. She writes humorous romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and women's fiction.

    If she could meet just one fictional spy, she’d be hard pressed to choose between James Bond and Max Smart. In her opinion, the perfect spy would be a combination of the two. Most days she writes while wearing slippers, flip-flops, or tennis shoes, depending on the season. But she loves a great, sexy heel and has a closet full for special occasions.

    Her published novels, Diamonds Are Truly Forever, Spy Candy, Spy Games, The Spy Who Left Me, Live and Let Love and License to Love received rave reviews, establishing Gina Robinson as one of today’s most exciting new authors of romantic suspense.

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Love Another Day

An Agent Ex Novel

Gina Robinson



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